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Author Topic: Hodgson on the cliff's edge?  (Read 1636 times)


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Hodgson on the cliff's edge?
« on: November 15, 2010, 09:40:26 AM »

Roy rounds on the fans after chants for King Kenny at the Stoke defeat.  Not sure, if he wants this job anymore, he is going the best way about keeping it. I say lets have done with the G & H legacy right now and start again from here.  Third of the way through a Premier League season and we are behind Stoke City on goal-difference. Like Fulham.  We're playing catch up for a Europa League spot on Sunderland.  How bad does it have to get before Henry steps in? I think its kinder to put Roy out of his, and our, misery and hand him his nice little 3 million.  Hope he shows more respect to the clubs fans after he has gone. Roy, your Fulham needs you.


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Re: Hodgson on the cliff's edge?
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Agree totally, he is the last embors of the H&G regime too boot. Woy out!!!!