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Author Topic: BBC Radio Merseyside Letting The Side Down.  (Read 10499 times)

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BBC Radio Merseyside Letting The Side Down.
« on: May 26, 2008, 09:20:01 PM »
Jim I have just read this post on 'On The Kop' and thought it would be good to post it here so everyone on this forum can jump on the band wagon.

This is what started the whole debarkle.

"This morning whilst sat on the bog, still utterly dejected from last night defeat, I was listening to Radio Merseyside as I normally do in the morning. They were reviewing the daily newspapers when they went and gave a review of the sun. It was the first time I have heard them do this so I called and asked if this was a common thing and is it something they plan to continue to do. The reply was yes.
The same radio station would not dream of saying anything that would upset or cause offence to the ethnic minority of Merseyside and rightly so, but it deems it necessary to include something in its lineup that would cause offence to at least 50% of Liverpool. I am absolutely disgusted with radio Merseyside and if you feel the same, please call them on 0151 709 9333."

And here's how it ends.

"Okay my normal ranting style will be curtailed for this as I fully intend Radio Merseyside to be made aware of this. As you know from Chris Tommo's excellent thread http://onthekop.com/forum/index.php/topic,8785.0.html Radio Merseyside has recently been reviewing The Sun and using it as a form of entertainment. Despite being inundated with emails, letters and phone calls complaining about it from OTK members and I'm sure hundreds of other Reds Mr. Mick Ord, Managing Editor of Radio Merseyside has stated, as have his minions, that Radio Merseyside will continue to review The Sun where they feel it is editorially justified. Oh will they now? Did Radio Merseyside not feel the same sense of disgust and revulsion over the The Sun's lies about Hillsborough? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe they felt the Sun's lies were "editorially justified."

The same old excuses were trotted out by Radio Merseyside this time of "Oh so long ago", "Not the same editorial team, "Different journalists now." Well I don't give a flying one for any of those excuses, for Mr. Ord, his "editorial justification", his staff or anybody else who has anything at all to do with the loathsome Sun. As of now the editorial policy of www.onthekop.com is to have nothing further to do with Radio Merseyside other than to make them further aware of how strongly we feel about this. I urge all other LFC websites and fan groups such as Reclaim The Kop and Spirit Of Shankly to do the same. This, by the way, includes any publicity or coverage Radio Merseyside were going to give to the Bob Paisley Memorial. As far as I'm concerned they can do one. Other BPM committee members please take note.


Peter Etherington. ( Editorially justified editor and co-owner of www.onthekop.com )"

I believe that Radio Merseyside has lost its sole doing such a dispicable act.

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Re: BBC Radio Merseyside Letting The Side Down.
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2008, 09:05:08 AM »
I saw this on RAOTL. Some people wrote to Merseyside and got a reply, example below from "Granbybuck".

He says it's wrong for them to "Ban" their guest reviewers from referring to The Sun. Maybe he's got a point, in that respect, because we've all got a choice I suppose. As a Liverpool fan your choice is pretty much to boycott the rag or be completely despised by all Liverpool fans. I don't know one Liverpool fan who wouldn't boycott it.

If I was chatting to a decent Manc (I have met some and know some believe it or not) and saw him reading The Sun (which might cancel out the "decent" tag anyway) I'd not start preaching at him, demanding that he stop reading that rag. Same with anyone I was chatting to who I saw with that paper under their arm.

But I would explain to them why we boycott it, and point out that the lies about us were just one example of how that paper has lied over the years. How that story about us was perhaps the lowest they had sunk. That there is still no apology with any kind of meaning. How McKenzie still finds it all quite funny judging by his comments in the last year or two.

Then I'd ask, not demand, that they stop buying it.

I've done that with people who don't buy it - and they've often replied saying that they never would now, not even for some free DVD or holiday voucher.

What's frustrating is that the BBC guy never suggests this. I can understand him not banning it from the guest reviewers. But how hard can it be to spend five minutes off air explaining why they'd prefer it wasn't used? How hard can it be to pass the message on at the time of booking the guest? "If you don't ask, you don't get," as someone or other often says to me.

So the question is - do BBC Merseyside ask their guests not to use that paper as part of their preparations?

If not, why not?

RAOTL post:
Here is the patronising reply I was sent, nothing I didn't expect. In fact I pre-emted his reply by suggesting to members of my family what kind of reply would be sent, I wasn't dissapointed. Taking the moral high ground over such a sensitive subject is typical of this radio station and obviously it's editor, even if it is only 1% of reviewers, it is 1% too many. Keep the pressure up and obliterate and deny this obscene rag from receiving any publicity in whatever shape or form.

Dear Sir/Madam - thanks for your e-mail - howerver I think your
criticism is way off mark. Did you actually hear the person refer to the
Sun (once) in our morning papers review ?

You seem to be suggesting that the newspaper should never be mentioned
on our airwaves under any circumstances, even by people who are not
employed by the BBC ? I think that such a decision would overstep the
mark in terms of free speech and the editorial independance of Radio

This radio station more than any other has over the years reflected the
Hillsborough Tragedy and its tragic aftermath -MORE THAN ANY OTHER. We
have regularly broadcast memorial services and support 100% the minute's

I worked during the Hillsborough Disaster (with Roger Phillips on the
phone-in) and I can assure you we are acutely aware of the offence
caused by the lies of the Sun and the cruel insensitivity of certain
other tabloids at the time.

We do NOT insist on people reviewing the paper - we leave the decision
to them as individuals.

The reviewer in question actually prefaced his comment by saying
something along the lines of ...'I don't usually mention the Sun ..'...
but on the occasion he felt a reference was editorially justifiable.
He,and others,are brought in to give us their review of the newspapers -
not anybody else's.

The fact that some people have contacted the station and responded to
the mention indicates how rare it is to hear such a reference on our
airwaves. However it is another step completely to ban people (who don't
work for the BBC) from mentioning it. As it happens, 99% of the
reviewers choose to ignore the paper.

I stand by this policy and believe it is morally and editorially

Nevertheless although we disagree quite profoundly on the issue I do
thank you for the dialogue as it remains an important issue.

Best wishes,

Mick Ord,
Managing Editor, BBC Radio Merseyside.


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Re: BBC Radio Merseyside Letting The Side Down.
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2008, 12:18:42 PM »
When I read the post I was not aware of the full facts.  The post led me to believe that the *** was often quoted and it did not show me the letter of response they recieved off BBC radio Merseyside.  I think they do have a point with regards to free speech but providing they continue to make a stand against the *** like all the good people in this city do then it will be alright.