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Author Topic: Season 2011 - 2012  (Read 378895 times)

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Re: Season 2011 - 2012
« Reply #1845 on: May 15, 2012, 12:47:04 AM »
Juan, the club has to come first all the time.
The owners, manager and players are always going to be second to that...the problem for liverpool in the last few years is that certain egos were allowed to be more important than the club itself.
If the rumours are true then the homegrown players of Carra and Stevie G undermined Rafa and made it easier to get rid of him...i firmly believe that the reason rafa stuck his neck out when criticising the lies of hicks and gillette was for the good of the club, he probably could have done it with a tad more subtlety but as english is not his first language then he could sound very blunt...the captain made no mention of the problems with hicks and gillette, nor did the vice captain...still it's easier to criticize an experienced manager who got us to number 1 in europe (cos any of them could do the same cos it's dead easy) rather than their pay masters (who weren't of course but hey). How those 2 must look back at their actions and that they'll never again play at the highest level in Europe will be interesting to read in their biographies ....hey ho reap what you sow..

No manager is ever bigger than the club either, in the 90's we saw souness destroy the decades of success by doing it his way...kenny had a chance this season to continue the progress of the second half of last season...but he didn't...the team does not look balanced and they play like individuals rather than a team...and sneaking past cardiff on penalties does not make a good season...we played well in a few games but i see no reason or sign at all that the very same players who have been found wanting this season will suddenly turn to footballing gods in the next...

as for the owners i have been greatly encouraged in the last few weeks that they will act if things do not improve...if it was anybody apart from kenny then i think we would have already heard about the 'agreement to part company' milarky already...if there were signs that we would even challenge for 4th place through a balanced team playing effective football then i would not be so critical...

but the whole season was summed up for me in the FA Cup final where we played like headless chickens who looked like they'd never seen a ball before let alone past it any distance and then start to play with intent when it had all gone pear shaped...and bringing on the old guard to dig us out of the hole we'd created...
a case of what could have been (if we'd played the right players cos we had them, not sold our best player and clamped down on some of the ego's in the club)...
and a case of what can be again...but not with Kenneth...

Bart I dont doubt anything you say above. This season has been terrible. For me domestic cup runs should only compliment a good season in the league, not be used to cover the cracks of a bad one. Cup are always regarded highly by the managers, players and fans of those teams that are still in them. In the cold light of day however its easy to determine where cup runs rank in terms of priority and its not near the top of most important.

Like you I recognise that Kenny should realistically be replaced. For me Klopps achievements at Dortmund should make him the front runner for the job and who knows he might bring some of his title winning Dortmund team with him were he to come. But I just dont think its going to happen. Therefore all im saying is that if Kenny does dodge a bullet, im willing to support his efforts to progress the team next season. I dont plan to come on here calling for Kennys head every-time I post.

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Re: Season 2011 - 2012
« Reply #1846 on: May 15, 2012, 01:25:21 PM »
That post is the very reason I sometimes wish my native tongue was English. Extremly well put, tes. Nothing is as provocative as the tedious "real fan" discussion.

your english is excellent, Martin.

the only issue is that I suspect you take our words too literally at times.   As Tes says, this medium (internet forum posting) does not allow for the full communication to come across.  I often poke, jest, try and be humourous in posts....and it may not come across in the words, to a person not versed in british culture.

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