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Author Topic: Fourthless Anfield  (Read 1552 times)

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Fourthless Anfield
« on: February 12, 2013, 06:28:19 PM »
Anyone remember someone piping
on about turning Anfield into a Fortress?

Deluded lunatics aside that
appears to be the end of our
ambitions for fourth this season.
(We're basically holding out for a
simultaneous collapse of Spurs,
Arsenal and Everton...dreamworld)

Why though?

It's not to say that there isn't the
makings of a good team there that
couldn't go on run of victories. Ffs,
the team cost enough.

But the attitude from the manager is wrong!

3 points cheaply surrendered at home to
a team with a fraction of our resources
and nothing from the gaffer by way of
explanation or reaction.

On the back of 4 points cheaply surrendered at the
Emirates and Etihad, it is clear to me that he does
not grasp the essence of being manager of LFC (in
his core) 'cos Shanks would have delivered it
straight last night, a blunt, honest assessment
and demonstrating a resolve to put things right.

What do we get, some muted, cliched for the cameras
BS (he didn't even appear upset?).

I'm embarassed, that guy has no passion!

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Re: Fourthless Anfield
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2013, 07:22:13 PM »
it's not that he doesn't have passion, Ed.

the problem is, he doesn't have the tactical resources needed at this level.  Thus he gets found out, when he comes up against a decent manager and a team that is organised.

and of course, he will never admit to his weaknesses, thus he will look for other scapegoats - unlucky; it takes time for players to learn his new system; the club was in a bad state when he was appointed and a major overhaul/rebuild was needed; he is only in the initial stages of what is a long-term project; etc etc.

he's a top-notch b.ull.shi.ter - indeed, that is how he got the job in the first place.

but the emperor has got no clothes.......he has been found out. 

the table, re our results against top half teams, tells the story of a bloke who has been found out.

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Re: Fourthless Anfield
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2013, 08:16:17 PM »
Not sure how true or even if there's anything in it in any way, but apparently FSG are sounding out people or a person to bring to the club to 'help out' at the very least. As I say, no idea whether it's April 1st come early or not.
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Re: Fourthless Anfield
« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2013, 08:27:03 PM »
it's not that he doesn't have passion, Ed.
Well a bit of passion when we get beat
2-0 at home and are left 9th in the table
wouldn't go astray.

I want to feel the rage, not this matesy BS
and they tried their best wtf?


The babies got a rollicking when we went out to
Oldham, but last night I stand up and say wtf, not
good enough, explain and there's nothing from him.

Fortress anfield has nothing to do with tactics it's a state
of mind & he should never have mentioned it if he had
fundamentally no understanding of the concept, just words
to try to appeal to the faithful. I'm disgusted.