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We kick off away at Arsenal on August 13th.

As well as that, we've got both Spurs and Chelsea away as games 3 and 5.

If we can come straight 'out of the blocks', we may catch those three cold and take advantage. Plus, we'd have three of our hardest away games out of the way earlier on, with more time to retrieve the situation if things don't end up in our favour.

Agreed Tes and looking at our last 10 games they seem to be very winnable...With no European games that could be perfect to get top 4.

Can't see us finishing top 5 with our current squad (inc. new signings already here).

Although having a fit Daniel Sturridge will help. 6th or 7th imo. No way we finish above both manc teams, Chelsea, arsenal, spurs. If West Ham keep Payet then they'll probably finish above us too.

Who could see Leicester winning the league, Chelsea failing in such a catastrophic manner, Utd not making top 4, West Ham doing so well?

Have faith in Klopp, his methods, his work ethic and his desire to build LFC into a football force once again. 


On paper it looks like a huge ask, and you can make claims for a number of teams finishing in certain positions ahead of us.

We'll just have to see how it plays out on grass.

There'll probably be a few surprises come the end of the season, with both surprising over and under achievers.

New managers at 3 of the teams we'll aspire to finish ahead of could work out either way. Do Spurs, Leicester, West Ham and Southampton repeat their achievements of last season, or prove they were false dawns?

Does Koeman improve Everton? Can we be as bad?

Arsenal to finish in the top four as usual is probably the closest thing to a certainty.

Apart from maybe the eventual winners, this season could prove to be more bizarre than last season, or just see normal service resumed.


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