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January Transfer Window 2017

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Liverpool scouts to watch Mahmoud Dahoud as Jurgen Klopp keeps tabs on chief target

He's reported to have a clause that comes into effect in 2017 for an £8.5M (or very close to that figure) buyout figure.

Whether it's true, who knows, or whether it's only Summer 2017, but I can see Klopp trying to get him again in January if at all possible.
I think his plan is to pair Dahoud with Can. Neither are dedicated defensive midfielders, but can defend, so I think his idea is to have two 'who can', rather than one that 'only' defends, and one would sit and the other join the attack if applicable.

I still think Can could be moulded to be a Hamann type player, if he can just get his head around the more disciplined approach and understand that a 'Hamann type' player is equally as important as a 'Gerrard type' player, both within the midfield make-up and the team.

the dude abides:
Like you, if that release clause is correct, I see us getting him in January.

And by clearly sending scouts to this recent game, we are sending out the message to both player and club, that we want him.

Klopp is raiding Germany for gems.  And several of our acquisitions will be German nationals for many years to come I suspect.

They bring a technical excellence (and mental excellence), that I always felt was what we had, during our era of dominance.

The lad may play alongside Can.  Unsure. 

If Sakho is released, either on loan, or sold then, then it's imperative he's replaced. We can't 'make do' with Lucas filling in, and Joe Gomez's season is about re-abilitation, and ultimately being fit for pre-season 2017.
He's a young man who's body is still developing in certain ways and so a long term view needs to be taken on any expectations we have for him this season.

I would prefer Sakho to go out on loan, rather than be sold, as I think he can still be an asset once he understands what's expected from him under Klopp.

Maybe Nice could do a re-habilitation job on him for half a season.  ;D

the dude abides:
I think Klopp's mind is made up, Tes.

The lad has had these problems before at clubs.

I think he's probably a bad influence......and he's ill-discipined on the pitch.

I'd sell.  But that's just me.


--- Quote from: the dude abides on November 02, 2016, 05:53:37 PM ---I'd sell.  But that's just me.

--- End quote ---

Nah, Dude, we'll keep you. You're priceless.  ;D

Something certainly did happen at PSG for him to fall from grace after being their youngest captain to not being able to buy a minute on the pitch.
You'd hope at some time he'll mature and settle down. I'd prefer that to be with us, but if Klopp has an upgrade lined up for January, then it would be better all round.

No player really seems to be safe under Klopp, and that's exactly how it should be, and if making one or two examples gets everyone to understand what is expected of them if they want to play for this club, and that includes future signings, then I'm all for that.


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