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Looks like we'll start the season with a new physio:

Liverpool to appoint new physio Christopher Rohrbeck from Mainz

It doesn't say whether he'll be our head physio, like he was at Mainz, but if he can help keep more of our players fitter than this season, then he'll be a welcome addition, whatever his job tital.

If Huddersfield beat Reading tomorrow and gain promotion to the PL, we can probably expect David Wagner to try and get Danny Ward on loan again. I think it would be a smart move by us to allow it.
Despite doing well in the Championship with Huddersfield, would any of us really be comfortable yet with him as no1, or being called upon to cover for a long term injury.

However, a season as first choice in the PL, where you'd imagine he'd have plenty to do, could see him really flourish, and just like players such as Jordan Pickford, or the likes of Michael Keane at Burnley or Ben Gibson at Boro, all now have (big)ger clubs after them, Danny Ward could push himself into the same bracket, but he'd already be ours.

I know it may seem like another season with Mignolet and Karius, but maybe Mignolet will continue to improve, or maybe with a season under his belt in the PL, Karius will finally come good and show why Klopp chose to sign him over more established keepers from the Bundesliga, or elsewhere.

Our new away kit?

They get the away kit as wrong as they get the home kit right.

Why can't we stick with yellow with red trim, white with red trim or the all black.

At least it's not as hideous as:


It looks like the junior teams will have a different kit from the senior side this season:

Even if we sign Van Dijk or someone of his level, surely we have to adapt our style of play otherwise Van Dijk could end up looking no better than what we have already, as the defence would still get swamped with the lack of protection it gets.


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