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Summer transfer window 2018

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Yes, you read that right, 2018.

We've agreed a deal for £48M to sign Keita. He's had his medical, and we'll get him in July next year.

It's a shame we've not managed it for this Summer, but that's some real uncharacteristic smart thinking from the club.

Definate master stroke from the club....  NK is going to be on the biggest stage this season and it was reported that several other clubs were hovering around the player.  I'll most definitely be watching Red Bulls progress in this seasons CL as will other Reds fans I'm sure 😬

Marcus Rashford urged to leave Manchester United for Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea

I know it's the least likeliest transfer of any player we will be linked with this Summer, but I'd love to have him in our squad. He offers something different to Mane, Salah and Firmino, and we'd be far stronger with him in the first team, than without him, if at any time one of those three weren't available, or give us a different dimension instead of one of them at times.

Dear Santa,

                   Can I have my present early this year. I'd like a new goalkeeper, please. A proper one.

Liverpool transfer news: Bookie reveals ‘flurry of bets’ on shock summer signing

By all means sign Butland if the price is right, but seeing as both Mignolet and Karius need shipping out, then Butland should only be secondary to either Oblak or Courtois, who looks as though he's on his way out of Chelsea.

With Real without a manager, we should try and get in before that changes. We know what we're getting with Courtois, and that he knows the score with the PL and can cope with it.

Alisson seemingly only has eyes for Real, which is hardly surprising considering he's South American, and we don't want someone who we know is only using us as a stepping stone. 


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