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January Transfer Window 2018

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Liverpool's contract talks with Emre Can show the ongoing power struggle between players and clubs - there is more on the line for Jurgen Klopp than just the midfielder's Anfield future

"With only 10 months left on his deal the sticking point is not over money, but a release clause. "

Offer him a lower salary with a £50M clause in, or a higher salary with a £75M clause.

The player gets to choose - easier exit and lower income, or harder exit but higher income.

The player has some sort of window to leave, whilst the club protects it's investment made in the player.

Apparently he's only on something like £35K a week (not sure how true that is, only what I've read), so £75K and a £50M clause, or £100K with a £75M clause, meaning if we're to get less for him, he gets less in wages, or if we're to get more for him, he gets more in wages.
He shares in our increased fee, likewise, he receives less if we're to have to receive less.

Also, any release clause shouldn't kick in until Summer 2019, meaning we know we have him for this and next season, and it lapses on 1st August 2019, so that we would have time to replace him during the Summer of 2019.

He could have one which could be triggered next Summer, but at 50% higher. Also, the clauses can only be triggered in Summer windows, not January ones.

Clauses can work both ways.

We seem to be heavily linked with Stefan De Vrij at the moment, either a January move, or potentially a free transfer next Summer.

Why? We already have enough problems with the amount of games Matip and Lovren miss through injury, and De Vrij's injury record doesn't read like the improvement we need:

the dude abides:
we need Rafa Benitez.

Klopp considers Sturridge sale after setting striker ultimatum

I doubt this would be true, but strikers, probably more than any other player, need games to develop and keep their rhythm. Sturridge not getting that, just getting the odd start and a few minutes from the bench here and there, is not helping him, and are we really set up to get the best out of him. Conversely, is his style suited to ours anymore?


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