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Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: Yesterday at 10:42:49 PM »
This quote made me laugh from Joey Barton, when responding to Klopp talking about being able to write a book on defending:

"they’ve got a Champions League attack…but they’ve got a Championship defence."


it must be embarrassing for Klopp and his coaching be laughed at and ridiculed.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: Yesterday at 10:39:26 PM »
How many of these situations do we see outside the penalty area during the course of 90 minutes, and how few get awarded as a foul against the player who actually touched the ball?

Just like goalkeepers should do their homework on penalty takers, referees should also be aware of players, like Vardy, who 'buy' fouls or create a situation where they 'technically' get fouled.

As it's all supposedly about intent, then surely the intent 'to get fouled' should be regarded and considered just as wrong as the intent 'to foul', and if there is no intent to 'get fouled', then the lack of intent 'to foul', should be weighted equally too.


refs need to be far more intelligent and clued in.

the same dark arts are being deployed by the same dark artists.....and refs are to blame for that.

do they not watch football highlights on TV - and see what certain players are up to? 

As you say, the intent to be fouled, and fool refs, should be identified.......and punished.

If refs are not up to the job on match day, then start bringing in retrospective punishment for the usual players.  Indeed, if i was at the FA, I would start asking specific refs about their performances.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: September 24, 2017, 09:31:34 PM »
Surprisingly (or not) there's so little being mention about the very obvious foul on Mignolet for their first goal, which somehow wasn't seen or given, and then contrast that with the penalty, where Mignolet connects with the ball first, and Vardy just continues with his run in a straight line, through Mignolet's follow up and down he goes.

Mignolet was unlucky with Vardy's goal, that his save landed on Vardy's head, but why was a player of Vardy's quality, left unmarked to head in? Mignolet got no protection yet again from his defenders.

Can yet again nearly gave away a goal with a sloppy, misplaced pass, and he needs to bust a gut more to get himself back into a defensive position when play breaks down. You see no real effort from him to get back.

I am no fan of Can either.  He looks far too lazy most of the time - and - energy-wise - he looks more like a lad in his late 20s, not one in his early 20s. 

Depresses me how poor refs are.  I thought the ref had a nightmare yesterday.  At the start - they just brutishly stopped our break down the right.  Should have been a clear booking....nothing.  Then 5 minutes later they did the exact same thing down our near side (left).  Again, no booking.

As they have done previously, Leicester employed all the dark refs not watch Match of the Day in recent years?   Vardy fooled the ref into thinking Matip fowled him before half time....for a move that ultimately led to their first goal.  Vardy is going nowhere and is second to the ball - so he runs across the stride of our player and goes down.  Are refs thick?

And that subsequent foul on our keeper for that first goal.  Neither ref nor linesman could see the clear foul?  By the way - we really need Hendo and our lads to start shouting and giving off a lot more often.  We are far too nice. 

And for their second - I thought it was going to be a freekick to us.  Our keeper touches the ball - and their lad makes contact.  I think if the keeper goes through to clear the ball he will do serious damage to Vardy.  Thus he did well to pull out.  But Vardy goes down.

Refs really need to get up to speed. 

Overall, we won.  But I take little heart from it.  This type of unbalanced football has no future.  I imagine a lot of people in the industry are scratching their heads.


Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: September 21, 2017, 11:09:01 PM »
no balance

no new defensive players bought in the summer

no effort to fix clear ongoing defensive issues

and making 7 and 8 changes to our line-up each game, thus no building of understanding

what could possibly go wrong?   :( ??? :-X :-\

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: September 16, 2017, 06:05:35 PM »
Liverpool 1 Burnley 1

like watching a cat play with a lizard.

often one too many touches, lots of possession, often the build-up too slow and deliberate.....meanwhile Burnley without much effort, caused mayhem when they got near our goal....and had a handful of clear cut chances.

dire defending for their goal....klavin ball watched, leaving a man behind him to score.

same old, same old.

zero balance - and nobody on the bench gives a rat's

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Champions League 2017/18
« on: September 14, 2017, 12:48:31 PM »
How does the situation arise where an opponent is left unmarked, centrally, and in acres of space, right in front of our goal?

Klopp's seeming approach reminds me of Rodgers' approach in that game at Palace, where we threw a handsome lead away and ultimately the title by continuing to attack en masse, with no regard of leaving the back door wide open, even after they pulled it back to 3-2.


how can anyone have that amount of free space in front of our goal.  That type of scenario should only exist, at the death of an important game,  when we are desperately chasing the game, and get caught on the counter.

I don't blame our team.  I blame Klopp.  I would hate to be a defender, or midfielder, in this outfit.   You are onto a hiding to nothing.  A sensible manager would bring in a top defensive midfielder.  A sensible manager would have plans b, c and d, in his back pocket and cope with all continguencies.  He would know how to game manage.

Maybe Klopp's tactic worked in Germany.  Maybe it might work in the Champions League, or Europa Cup.  But I struggle to see how any team conceding this amount of soft goals, will ever win a Premiership.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Champions League 2017/18
« on: September 14, 2017, 08:03:42 AM »
we need to score at least 3 or 4 goals to win any game.

what frustrates me most, is that Klopp has no idea about game management.  It's the same attack, attack, attack strategy, regardless of whether we are winning, losing, or if it;s the 5th minute, or the 95th minute.  Pure and utter madness.

At 2-1 down, away from home, our opponents had only 20 minutes left to find a goal.  Why do we make it so easy for them?  We should have closed up shop, and forced the Spanish to push forward - that is leaving gaps, that we can exploit with our pace on the break. 

Klopp's game management does not exist.   There is no future to this madness.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: January Transfer Window 2018
« on: September 13, 2017, 10:09:55 PM »
we need Rafa Benitez.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: September 13, 2017, 10:09:15 PM »
it illustrates the big problem that I have with ex-players acting as pundits - and not genuine journalists.

Gerrard is employed by a  club - and thus how can he be a genuine TV pundit.

one cannot serve two masters.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: September 11, 2017, 11:29:10 AM »
and come to think of it, he was awful in the international in between these two league games.

Thierry Henry said something quite telling after the transfer:

“You have to bring something on the table. I have been watching him (the OX) for a very long time and I still don’t know what he’s good at."

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: September 11, 2017, 11:25:35 AM »
a correlation?

Alex Chamberlain loses his last two games 0-4 and 0-5.

a common denominator, perhaps.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: September 11, 2017, 04:45:08 AM »
Klopp's talked about reducing the number of crosses we allow teams to put in etc, but if both full backs go marauding forward at the same time, we're left with no cover in behind. You can't expect centre halves to keep coming out of the middle and trying to cover, and if full backs are to be used like that, then you need two sitters in midfield, so that one one can come across and cover the flank should an early ball be played into the chasm of space left.
Likewise, you can't play an extra high line if your centre halves lack recovery pace.

Even if all the above is sorted, teams will get a free kick out wide, or a corner and you have to be able to defend them, to do what is 'bread and butter' defending.


I saw Klopp saying since the defeat, that his team in training practices 7 defenders against 14 attackers....and often don't concede any goals.

But I just don't see any evidence of this during games.

As you mention above, if we have two marauding wing-backs, then this totally contradicts his stated wish to have less crosses come in from our opponents.

What he says and what he does, do not match up.

Overall, there is no Plan B.  It's attack, attack, attack.  Or in one word - OUTSCORE.   

It's great to watch when we are dominating games - but it is seat of the pants stuff, even at the best of times.

I'm old fashioned perhaps.  But I think balance is key.  It's a crying shame that Rafa is not around.....especially with all the resources that the club now has (compared to when he was with us).

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: September 09, 2017, 10:02:54 PM »
but is Van Dijk, or any other defender, the solution.

to me, the issue looks structural - not one primarily due to personnel.

if one exposes our defenders and keeper to top class opponents, one will always concede goals.

we play heavy metal football, always on the front foot.  I'd hate to be a defender in our team. 

I want balance - call me old fashioned.   I don't want us to be sent out, with the sole tactic to OUTSCORE the opposition.

As you say - even at 2 or 3 nil up, we cannot close out a game.

And today - just because we lose a player, why do we have to get slaughtered, with City scoring a further 4 goals?   Does our boss not have tactics to protect the defence, when we are down to ten men.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: September 09, 2017, 04:05:35 PM »


it's a feast or a famine.

the highs and lows of watching an unbalanced team.

game utterly changed after sending off.

great shame - I thought we were bossing City - despite them getting a goal ahead.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Summer Transfer Window 2017
« on: August 23, 2017, 05:32:54 PM »
I'm actually not that down about the summer's work.

Unlike his predecessor (Mr Rodgers), Klopp only brings in players who he is confident will strengthen his team.  He doesn't fill gaps just for the sake of it.

And we are suffering the same issues in the market as other top clubs - look at Chelsea, Arsenal and Barca this summer.

In the last year or two, the big clubs are now awash with untold riches.   And unless for the name, the financial lure of Barca or Real Madrid now has probably disappeared.

I do have one big concern though.   The financial gulf now is so great between top clubs and mid-table clubs - how, in under goodness, will top clubs ever get rid of the costly purchased players who don't cut the mustard and they want to sell?    Deadwood won't be movable. 

Back to your point Tes re our scouting team and Zork at Dortmund.  I think Edwards should be no more than a young lad who analyses data, that older heads then can use in their decision making process.  Not that we have older heads, ala a bootroom these days.

As mentioned many timee before, I would completely rejuvenate our scouting network and recruitment team.  I'd be bringing in top scouts from other sides - and in a new bootroom, I would have the likes of John Aldridge. 

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