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Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2016/17
« on: February 28, 2017, 12:02:42 PM »
Disappointing though hardly a surprising result against Leicester. What is upsetting though, is we managed to pull off the worst display of the season when we needed to build on that fine win against Spurs. Build confidence, slowly working our way back from that disastrous January in order to finishing in the top 4 with room to spare setting us up nicely ahead of the next season (always next season, innit?).

Instead the feeling present during Rodgers' final weeks are setting in. Difficult questions have to be asked:

*Was the 2 years of success at Dortmund a one off?
*Why haven't any improvements been made in our defensive game?
*How can we play the best football the PL has seen this season one week and a fortnight later Leicester couldn't have beaten any other team as easily as they beat us?
* How come Mané and Coutinho perform so badly for the past 2-3 months? Why rely so heavily on the very average and hugely overrated Firmino?
*Why is it Klopp cannot get the team fired up for games against the "lesser" sides than the top teams?
* Is there a plan B, and if so what does it look like?

I've said this before. When Klopp decided to dith Sakho I got the same feeling as when Mourinho ditched that female doctor - something's breaking here. Klopp has put up with average performances from many players this season. Take last night for example. Their first goal was all Firmino's fault. Time and again this season his reckless handling of the ball has led to goals for the opposition or at least allowed them to create chances. At the other end he missed more open chances than any other player in the PL. His contribution is negligable yet he's one of the first names on Klopp's team sheet. At the same time our only natural leader with the ability to play the ball out of defence was ditched for minor disciplinary oversteps in the close season.

The bottom-line is that Klopp is willingly or unwillingly sending clear signals to the squad mediocrity is OK as long as you're a well combed and well behaved lad.

I don't see a way out of this hole for Klopp, but equally I don't see a way forward without him. Maybe this is final proof we have become a mid-table club?

Hope and faith is gone and it'll take forever to restor it. It is what it is but it hurts as fukc.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2016/17
« on: February 08, 2017, 09:27:10 AM »
The Spurs game all of a sudden look like make or break for Klopp. A draw against Spurs would give him a respite over the Cup-break to re-organise his troops while  a win would reigniting hope (at least in some quarters) of a finish in the top 4. A defeat, however, would set us back far more dramatically than I think most people realise. It would destabilise the club and would undermine Klopp's radically. A 3-1 defeat would, IMHO, bring severe ramifications not only for the reminder of this season but even far into the next.

I don't mean to sound alarming but losing to Spurs would mark them finally overtaking us as a big club.

This will certainly be a test of character for our more senior players. Another jaded and uninspirational display from Coutinho would raise questions about his big player status.

We shall see but as of today I have no clue how it all will pan out as I fear the current crisis might go deeper than we'd like to believe.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2016/17
« on: February 06, 2017, 07:52:12 PM »
I'm not ready to give up on Klopp just yet. There's little to suggest, though, he'll turn it around. One could argue his success at Dortmund derived from him arriving at a low point for the club where his personality was not only allowed to flourish but also payed off a lot. As I gather, Bundesliga teams soon enough learnt how to cope with his gegen-pressing footy and once they did, results nosedived. I am worried he too come across as too stubborn playing a mediocre and not good enough Can just to prove the footballing world wrong. His handling of Sakho also leaves a lot to desire. The squad is screaming out for players with leadership. Though some of you may not appreciate Sakho's footballing skills, a leader he is. IMHO he was by far our best CB and the only one able to play the ball from the back-line through the center to break the slow and predictable play we've adopted since his departure. With him in the team we would've had at least Another 5-6 points I am sure. I'm thinking his inability to deal with Sakho in a mature way resembles Mourinho's mistake with the club doctor.

He also refuse to use the bench while the rest of the world can see Firmino's having yet another stinker.

I do not know where we go from here but the fact we went from looking like one of Europe's best teams to relegation form in just a few months tells me those holding their breath for a balanced Liverpool side might want to reconsider.

The season is over. The goal right now should be to avoid the Bitters' overtaking us.  Much will depend on what he learn from this and what player he chose to sign in the summer. Right now we look more like a new Stoke than retaining our big club status.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2016/17
« on: January 28, 2017, 03:51:51 PM »
This is the real Liverpool. We clearly overperformed in the early months. Nevertheless, it's shocking to see us sink so low so quickly. 4 defeats on the trot at Anfield. When was the last time that happened? I seriously cannot remember.

16 months of hard work undone in 1 week. Only one club in England is capable of such lowly standards. Fair enough we may only have 2-3 good enough players in the squad, but the lack of pride, urgency and will to win is alarming to say the least.

Klopp's been hailed as one of the best managers around. Based on what? He more and more look like Rodgers in disguise only difference being he extended his "golden era" and only managed to win the title. As far as idealist hipster notions on how football should/could be played he's in the same mould as his predecessor.

I see no hope of things getting better this season. As I said after the defeat to Swansea we'll win tops 3 games of the coming 10. We'll then finish things of well when there's nothing at stake to salvage a 7th place finish.

We'll then sell Coutinho and buy 6-7 new Wijnaldum, Marcovic, Firmino, Moreno and Klavan-like players. Start over.

This really is reminiscent of the final weeks of Rodgers reign.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2016/17
« on: January 21, 2017, 08:04:54 PM »
My first rant at Klopp. He can bithc all he like about our defending. He should do well, however, to remember HE signed an injury-prone Matip with unclear international status, HE chose to sign the utterly worthless Klavan, HE chose to freeze out our best CB for minor disciplinary violations in the close season, HE deemed Clyne good enough, HE decided Henderson would be a leader to step forward when noone else does.

Fair enough if we'd lost to an inform WBA or Stoke at home, but to Swansea????? The team who conceded 27 goals in the last 9 games?

He can slam whoever he likes as far as I'm concerned. He'll be just another manager who tried but ultimately failed due to an idealist approach to the game footy where your "marquee"-signings are picked from relegated sides.

It is what it is. When in Europe 8th, with domestic committments only, 6th, or maybe 5th.

Whatever we built in the autumn is well and truly buried. What I hate the most is our sceptics were proven right again.

No ship the fukc Sakho off, he's actually good at football. We cannot have that, can we?

And what's worst of all is we're gonna bury Chelsea at least 3-1. We're such a small club these days. Posh boys with fancy cars, white teeth and shaved legs.

fork off I say!

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2016/17
« on: January 16, 2017, 10:17:43 PM »
After all a not so bad result. And a not so bad performance given we missed Clyne, Matip, Mané and Coutinho isn't fit for more than 30 minutes. It is frustrating to watch the increasingly sloppy Firmino get so much game time. Fair enough he worked hard as fukc yesterday, but he also waste posession in dangerous areas when we really need to keep the ball. Since the last international break 2 months ago we have lacked that penetrating threat that saw us score freely in the opening months of the season. It goes a long way to show how thin our squad is when one players gets injured and the whole thing collapse.

It is also less encouraging that we depend on an 18 year old to fill in at right back when our first choice gets ill or injured. I agree Alexander is talented but he just isn't ready for this level yet and only their inability to score from open chances saved his blushes after losing the ball inexplicably to Martial which lead to arguably one of their better chances.

4 on the trot without a win in all competitions. Still there was something about our display against the Mancs that left me rather positive things may change for the better in the coming weeks. As Edward pointed out elsewhere 10 of our remaining 17 games will be played at Anfield where we seem strong. It will be away to WBA, Stoke, West Ham and City our season will make or break.

Oh, I know Sakho's gone. I regret prestige got into it. This is arguably Klopp's only mistake thus far but with a injuryprone Matip whose status to play is unknown, and a below required standards Klavan we sure could do with the tall Frenchmen's fighting spirit, leadership and ability to play the ball up the pitch.

Next 4 game extremly important. Need a winning run now more than ever as the teams around us will enjoy fairly easy fixtures in the meantime.

Well fought you redmen!

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2016/17
« on: January 08, 2017, 03:38:46 PM »
Klopp may have many strengths. Creating a winning mentality isn't one of them. The lack of urgency and sheer desperation in 2nd half is a testament this highly embarrassing result is good enough in the eyes of the German.

We've become such a small club even League 2 sides are confident of getting a result by parking the bus knowing full well our players aren't good enough to dismantle it.

I really cannot see us get anything from this season especially as our manager invest time and energy at keeping players like Stewart at the club. Why?

So now a pointless re-play at the end of the world awaits because our young players seem so fukcin comfortable just being comfortable.

Woodburn I like though. Great talent who should be piissed off watching the worthless and highly overrated Ojo get a full 90.

Again this feeling is back any team can get a point against us. Dread to think what the mancs will do to us a week from now.

I love Klopp but on the back of today's disjointed and gutless performance I question his ability to instill a winning mentality at the club.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2016/17
« on: January 02, 2017, 07:49:04 PM »
Hi folks!

Been off for a while I know. Will try to pop in more regularly from now on.

Great win against City, only to throw away whatever chance we had at the title against Sunderland. True, the better teams suffer more than poor one's from fixture congestion but just as against Bournemouth it's clear we're not even close to have a team good enough for a sustained challenge. Firmino's been utterly crap since the last break and today he was no better. Can, and I have said this on many occasions before, is a liability. Totally responsible for the non-penalty they were awarded through his poor concentration level that led to them win a throw-in. Mané's just huff and puff. Fair enough he do some fancy tricks next to the corner flag but ultimately fail, and have done so since the last break, to penetrate the box successfully.

3-4 injuries and everything we have goes out the window. That speaks volume our squad is marginally better than Hull's in terms of strength in depth no other comparisons.

What will happen now is we will lose to United, draw against Swansea and lose to Chelsea. Then we will have fallen like a stone through the table and we'll start playing catch up to reach 4th. Eventually we'll finish 5th.

I will say for the millionth time, WE NEED A QUALITY CM AND STRIKER to have any chance to play with the big boys.

Klopp's changed alot but he haven't managed to exorcist Liverpool FC's ability to beat a top team one day only to drop poins against relegation fodder the next.

It was fun as long as it lasted.

Oh, and sell Firmino NOW!

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2015/16
« on: April 21, 2016, 11:06:17 AM »
What a performance from minute 20 onwards. We really are the form-team in the league right now. The mere fact we're mathematically inside the possibility of finishing 4th is a strong testament to the impact Klopp's had despite the large number of injuries and games we've had.

I think we've played some 15 games more than Leicester and certainly 5-6 more than Spurs who seem unable to put up a fight unless it's the League.

I was gutted to see Origi injured. Thankfully it wasn't broken and hopefully his ligaments aren't too badly damaged.

Everton really are a mess!  ;D

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2015/16
« on: April 16, 2016, 10:12:39 PM »
you are right, they oozed class, Martin - especially that first hour.

I watched the game again last night, in the early hours.....to try and understand it better.

Goodness, how did the Germans not win that game.   When they were two nil up, they had several good opportunities to make it three-nil.  We were living absolutely on the edge of the abyss.

But I suppose then again, we deserved to score ourselves in that first half, given one or two decent chances we had.

So what changed in that final 30 minutes.

Dortmund stopped going forward - they stopped being the threat that they had been previous.

Did their boss decide "ok, we hold what we have"......or did the Dortmund players subconsciously sit back deeper.....or was it caused by the substitutions.   Dortmund did bring on defenders.....and we brought on offensive players.

For whatever reason, we dominated that final 30 minutes.

Of course, it could have been the amazing atmosphere at Anfield.  The Dortmund players, who are used to their own wall of sound (in their own amazing stadium), surprisingly, looked stage-struck in the final 20 minutes. 

Maybe a mixture of the various issues.  I do think that Dortmund's young manager did make some mistakes, down I bet to inexperience.  And I think we have some lessons to learn as well.  e.g.  When held back with both arms by Hummels, if Origi goes down, then the ref has a decision to make re Hummels and a red card.  I am not a fan of diving - but when you are being fouled, and the defender is already on a yellow....

You've touched upon them but I believe two things went in our favour. Firstly, they thought it was all over when Reus scored. I can't blame them but that took a couple of percentages off their up until then excellent urgency, intensity. Secondly, Tuchel also thought the game was dead thereby deciding to stick with his formation to prove to the world he doesn't change his gameplan. That allowed us the space for our second which really turned the game in our favor. Had we scored just 5-6 minutes later it would probably have been too late. So you're right in pointing to his inexperience.

We don't, however, the way I see it have any reason whatsoever to apologize for coming back to win progression. As I said above we probably should've scored at least 2 more at their place (Origi and Lovren both missed total sitters). Our place in the semis is well and truly deserved!

What worries me the most tho in terms of winning the whole chabang is our mediocre and substandard midfield. Especially now that Can is out for the reminder of the season. This is the most urgent area to strengthen in the summer alongside the goalie.

Provided we get Matip in and Ings back (who I am confident will be a massive massive hit under Klopp) I would say we're covered at the back and up front. In time we'll need to replace both Clyne and Moreno but Rome wasn't built in a day an'all.

I thought we were fairly unlucky to draw Villarreal who I rate the toughest oppontent remaining. Playing the return game at Anfield is a massive, massive advantage if we can return with a hard fought draw or possibly a single goal defeat. I'd say it's pretty much 50-50 we go through to the final.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2015/16
« on: April 15, 2016, 09:06:50 AM »
:-[ ???

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

only you could come up with that, Martin!!!!

bloddy h.ell Martin, we played them to a standstill in Germany, and should have scored more.

Tonight, we started the game sleeping and gave them a two goal lead.....and then Hummels should have been sent off, for a second yellow (when he dragged back Origi).

The final half hour, Dortmund had their backs to the wall, they were defending for their lives.


Yes, but the first 60 minutes their display oooozed of class. Their pressing game, positional awareness, passing was brilliant. I haven't seen us so outplayed in the opening 60 since Rafa's Valencia gave us a lesson back in 2002, was it? We thouroughly deserved to go through and created more chances than they over 180 minutes. But as a team I would say they have come farther than we have.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2015/16
« on: April 14, 2016, 10:58:23 PM »
Woooooooooooooooooow! If that wasn't on par with Istanbul!!! To see both our centre-backs score to take us through. Still, they were by far the better team and only their cocky manager can be blamed for letting this slip by keeping the formation that saw them run away with a 3-1 lead.

Still cred to the lads. What a difference it made to see Lallana and Firmino leave the pitch. I am totally at a loss at how we pulled this one off but it was a huge statement of Klopp to take us past a side that saw off the every so hyped Spurs with ease.

I hope we draw Shaktar. They will give us the space we need. Drawing Villareal would be an absolute nightmare.

Well done lads!

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2015/16
« on: April 14, 2016, 09:11:29 PM »
Origi - the only player in our team with a proper cock!

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2015/16
« on: April 14, 2016, 09:09:25 PM »
Exactly what did the inept and useless Firmino and Lalalalalana do to merit a 2nd half start??????????? Talk about rolling over.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2015/16
« on: April 14, 2016, 09:07:42 PM »
upward and onward

45 more minutes.

with an early goal, let's see how they handle it.

I admire your optimism, brother.

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