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PS - anyone heard from Tes?
He sent me a private message in August 2018 - I replied immediately - but he has never logged in since (or replied).
Would love to keep in touch.  If you know anything of him, please let me know.

Fantastic manager and team.  Best team in the England. Best team in Europe.  Best team in the world.  Best supporters in the world.  People of Liverpool, best in the world.  Best football stadium in the world.  fantastic owners.
PS - is anyone on telegram or whatsapp?  If you wanna stay in touch, send me a private message.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: February 05, 2018, 03:03:35 PM »
I think we can go far in Europe.   Against top teams, it's a right old scrap....and anybodys' game.

Indeed, if the football authorities can be convinced to change games to last only 45 minutes - and/or allow more substitutes to be used, we can win everything every year.   8)

We bossed the first half - and Spurs bossed the second.  Same old story, we ran out of puff.

Really disappointed about the diving.  One of their lads got booked.  And the two penalties given, were not only offside, but both were simulations.  IMHO

The linesman and ref had poor games.   I thought we were lucky to even be given a kick-off.  First half, some of their tackles were crazy....but not a card in sight.  Poor day at the office for the officials.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: January Transfer Window 2018
« on: February 03, 2018, 09:58:46 AM »
It was either last Summer or this Summer to let Coutinho go. To let him go mid-season without having players lined up to replace his effect was sheer stupidity.

looked at playing Salah and Mane as the two attackers (free to roam all across the front line, not just play as more conventional strikers/forwards, and then used Bobby in behind as a creator who would play both in behind Mane and Salah, but also go beyond into a more traditional central striker's position, giving us maximum fluidity

agreed re timing of Coutinho's move.   Clearly he must have been very pizzed to not have got the move last summer - and it was close to downing tools time IMHO  That's what it feels like from the outside looking on.

Re Salah and Mane as our two strikers.  I have been saying the same here since the start of the season - I felt last year, that Mane could be developed into a great striker (just needs more confidence).  And when I saw Salah this season, I felt Mane and Salah could be a modern Toshack/Keegan partnership. 

To me, as much as I love him, Bobby Firmino is not your typical english striker. 

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: February 03, 2018, 09:47:35 AM »
Let's hope Can manages to string another decent (at least, preferably better) performance together for Sunday's visit of Spurs - that will be a much bigger test.

on the topic of Can - and this applies to any player who runs his contract down. 

From today's papers.

José Mourinho says he has told Marouane Fellaini to “shut up” and accept Manchester United’s contract offer before the seriousness of the midfielder’s knee injury is diagnosed.

The manager was smiling as he recounted the conversation but behind his jokingly delivered line to Fellaini appeared to lie a serious point. Fellaini’s deal ends on 1 July and the 30-year-old wants a sizeable increase on a salary thought to be around £120,000 a week. He suffered a knee problem that limited him to seven minutes as a substitute in Wednesday’s 2-0 defeat away to Tottenham.

“I told him yesterday: ‘Sign the contract and shut up,’” said Mourinho. “I told him: ‘Don’t gamble too much. Sign the contract before you know the extent of the injury.’

I have always felt that players are playing Russian Roulette when running contracts down.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: January Transfer Window 2018
« on: January 30, 2018, 01:37:23 AM »
So everyone above us, and Arsenal and Spurs are all strengthening their squads, meanwhile we're letting another potential supply of goals, in Sturridge, go out on loan to WBA.

Couldn't we at least try dropping Firmino deeper and playing Sturridge through the middle, and let him concentrate on doing what he's there to do, and that's score goals. We'd still get the work rate from Bobby in a deeper position anyway, and he's more creative and hardworking than any of our bunch of 'meh' midfielders.

I have to say that I am glad to see Dan gone.  Injury prone, often a yard off the pace, and a one-trick pony in recent years (I can always see him tee-ing up the same shot every predictable).

I agree, we should be playing further back - and thus allowing our attacking speed merchants lots of room to work in.

Suck the opposition out - and sucker punch them.

But NO, Mr Klopp would rather have every red player in the opposition half....and learns nothing, and keeps doing the same flawed plan, game after game, season after season.  Clueless.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: January 30, 2018, 01:33:25 AM »
It's systemic. The way we play and the way we train. The entire defensive side of the game, outside of 'pressing' does not look as though it's remotely practiced at all. The players are clueless as to how to go about any of it. The simplest basics of defending are lacking.

Also, what is the function of our midfield three? What are the supposed individual strengths of any of our midfielders and what are they supposedly adding to the sum of the way we're supposed to be playing in Klopp's mind?

totally agree.

our boss is clueless.   I don't think we train much on the defensive side of things.

jumpers for goalposts - everybody push forward, is the mantra......outscore the opposition!

Little wonder he was caught on at Dortmund after 2 or 3 years.   I suspect he  must have inherited a great defence at Dortmund.   

And given that we hit a bad spell every mid season (and have many injuries), I suspect our lads are knackered by December each season.   Is it any coincidence that we have gone out of the FA Cup each season at the 4th round?

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: January Transfer Window 2018
« on: January 28, 2018, 01:05:54 PM »
So what if Keita's coming in the Summer. He's only one addition anyway. And what about this season? Do we just write off another season?

Keita will be a great addition.  But like 95% of Klopp's purchases, he is offensive-minded.

Klopp doesn't do defence.....waste of money....and not sexy. 

I am somewhat surprised he even bothers to use a goalkeeper.

And the two central defenders would look better in clowns' outfits and juggling some balls.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: January 28, 2018, 12:58:31 PM »
It's OK Klopp laying into the defenders (again), but it happens and has happened, too many times during his tenure to be down to the players and the players alone.

After this length of time you have to wonder why the same problem is still there, and to the same degree.

Having decided that Klarius is no1, why does he need to be rested after playing just two league games?

I said many times that Van Dyke was not the solution.   Our defensive woes are not primarily personnel-based.  The primary problem is the smiley-one-dimensional-clueless-arrogant-idiot that we have sitting in the dugout.

Klopp has no idea (nor interest) in balance or game management.

In my lifetime, I have never known a side which, even when two or three goals ahead, with 15 minutes to play, will often draw or lose.

The fact this happens repeatedly, is beyond embarrassing. 

If I were the owners or in the boardroom, I would be asking some very serious questions of Klopp.  Imagine what a top manager could be doing with all the resources that Klopp has been given. 

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: January 27, 2018, 10:19:33 PM »

I'd like to see Klopp gone in the summer - and a proper manager brought in.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: January 24, 2018, 01:35:06 AM »
yes very depressing

must be a rare record - beat the runaway leaders one week, and the next game lose to the bottom club.

klopp has no far too compressed in opposition;s half.  Thus there's no room for speed merchants, like Mane and Salah, to make hay.

and why do we feed the ball endlessly out wide to Robertson, in the winger role, when he just passes it back again to our defenders/midfield.

we need a proper two pronged attack, and space for them to move games like this.

agree re Wildnajum.....Can no better.  Keita will be an upgrade.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: January 16, 2018, 09:56:31 PM »
I'd much prefer to see Danny Ward given a shot, as he's the only unknown performer. He may turn out to be our version of Burnley's Nick Pope.

I just don't see what Karius has to offer - there's no hint of a great keeper within nearly ready to burst out and flourish.

yes, of the two, Mignolet (for me) is much better than Klarius.

maybe Mignolet's mistake versus Arsenal, was the final straw for Klopp.   But why bite off your hand to spite your face.  Klarius is bog standard.  He is not good enough, at present, for a top club.....and may never be.   He just seems too young, too lightweight.....he never gets you out of a fix.  The City goal was so predictable.  A top keeper saves the majority of those types of shots.  But you just know that Klarius never will get you out of a hold.

I'd bring in a top keeper in the summer, and sell both Mignolet and Klarius.  And make Danny Ward my number two (if he accepts that role).


Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: January Transfer Window 2018
« on: January 16, 2018, 09:51:04 PM »
One thing that's becoming so clear is that Klopp only buys a piece of the jigsaw. He doesn't want any one piece to be the bulk of the picture, but 'a part'. The collective will always produce more than any one individual ever could.

yes, unlike Rodgers who brought in the second or third best player, for a specific position.......Klopp clearly will bide his time and wait til the player he wants is available.

I guess the difference is, Klopp's pulling power. 

Rodgers could have waited til the cow's came home, and still wouldn't have attracted top players to Liverpool.

When you bring in temporary make-do's, you then have the problem of moving them on, if/when your main target/upgrade becomes available.

Klopp is a patient man.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: Season 2017/18
« on: January 15, 2018, 05:36:43 PM »
Liverpool 4 City 3

fantastic result.

though we got to see the best of Liverpool and the worst of Liverpool.

if Klopp knew a damn thing about defending/balance, he would be the best in the business.

even at 4-3, in injury time, rather than send Milner and his pals into the corner to hold the ball up, he is encouraging them forward.   :o :o :o :o :o

was surprised to see Klarius start.....and as I predicted to friends here, he would make a mess-up.  Mind you, depsite SKy not mentioning it, Gomez also was woeful......again he loses diagonal balls mid-flight.  A bit of a problem if you're a defender.

But great result....9 minutes of fantastic closing down/pressing/counter attacking.  Wolrd class goals from Firminho and Salah.....and Mane's and the Ox's were darn good too!

Phil who?    Ringo has left.  The fab three march on to greater glories!

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: January Transfer Window 2018
« on: January 15, 2018, 05:26:07 PM »
Reports in Portugal today suggest Liverpool are looking closely at Sporting Lisbon's 22-year-old winger, Gelson Martins. He has a release clause of €60million, but we are looking to pay just half of that amount.....and are willing to offer his a wage fives times what he earns now.

Apparently Martins was a Liverpool transfer target in the summer and at one stage looked to be an alternative to Salah when negotiations with Roma hit a roadblock.

It now appears as though the Portuguese winger wasn’t an alternative to the Egyptian forward but was actually targeted to supplement his arrival.

He has electric pace and a big shot.

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