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CHAMP19NS  :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Hillsborough Inquest
« on: April 25, 2016, 07:33:47 PM »
BBC news article:

"Jurors have reached a majority decision on whether the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster were unlawfully killed.
The jury of six women and three men had been deliberating since 6 April after hearing evidence for two years.
The forewoman said at least seven of the nine jurors had reached agreement on the unlawful killing question in a 14-section questionnaire.
The conclusions will be formally returned at 11:00 BST on Tuesday.
The jury had already reached unanimous conclusions for 13 of the questions. Question six asked whether the 96 were unlawfully killed.
Coroner Sir John Goldring said on Monday he would accept a majority decision at the hearing in Warrington, Cheshire."

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Jurgen Klopp
« on: October 09, 2015, 11:47:56 AM »
"I'm the normal one'  ;D

He's like an antidote to Mourinho, this guy. Humble, funny, charismatic, and puts his club and players before his ego.

Exciting times!

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Brendan Rodgers Sacked
« on: October 04, 2015, 06:41:34 PM »

The news that we've wanted - by some people for a long time and others for a short time.

However let us not abuse Brendan. Whatever you may think of him professionally and personally he tried to do his best for us. So I do plead to others on here not to abuse him in either way.

I was thinking over the weekend and today regarding that all important word regarding our team and in fact any team - a word that Dude loves  ;D - Balance.

Thinking about balance in connection to our signings as well and I really do think we have addressed the areas which most concerned us last season.

Clyne is a certainly an upgrade on Johnson and defensively is probably the best right back we've had on our books since Arbeloa.

We've signed Gomez and from what we've seen at Charlton plus in this pre-season fixtures will not be going out on loan but competing for a first team spot. From what I can see he has bundles of pace, good reading ability and is strong. With Ilori seemingly also being gifted an opportunity with us it means we have a couple of pacy CB's as back up - therefore no need to buy first team players in that area. It means this is a big season for Lovren and Sakho though.

With Gerrard going - and to some supporters he unbalanced the midfield a lot - we've addressed that by bringing in Milner. Teixeira it seems will also be given an opportunity. But for me Milner is a key, key signing. He brings a LOT of balance and discipline to the midfield.

We then spent hard on another creative player in Roberto Firmino who can also play as a false No. 9. However its his creative abilities which will give us an extra dimension in our attacking unit. So often last season we solely relied upon Coutinho for creativity. With Firmino and a fit again Lallana who's had a pre-season - which is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - it now gives us 3 superb creative talents with all 3 having very good finishing ability. That is something I've noticed actually that we're looking to get goals from other areas in these signings and we've got some great finishers in the squad.

Up front we've brought in Ings and Benteke. Ings is to replace Aspas and Borini and he is an upgrade on both. For £5m it's a great deal. Plus he'll know his role in the squad and is obviously satisfied with that. Origi has that raw ability and adds phyisciality and pace. Benteke coming in brings another interesting thought about balancing the attack. Because he isn't renowned for pressing or for his intricate passing. But what he does do is run the channels, use his physicality to bully defenders and use his immense finishing. However what he won't offer his pressing or 1-2-1's with the AM's.

So from what I have seen we've attempted to redress the balance issue by buying players that will fix that problem - or at least in theory having the ability to fix it.

Of course the bigger problem will be are the players going to be fighting hard for Brendan and if we don't do well in the opening months the pressure will be immense. So how they cope with that internally with the management and externally from the supporters will be key.

But I can't think of another transfer window in recent times in which we've signed players that are naturally going to balance out the team/squad.

Additionally we will be wearing New Balance on our shirts so yeah  ::)

Liverpool FC, football, sport / The Case For The Defence...
« on: May 25, 2015, 01:14:15 PM »
Not the case for the defence of Brendan Rodgers or the case for the defence of the players.

BUT the case for the defence that all this hysteria from Liverpool supporters world-wide - not just on this forum - that we'll end up in a lower mid table or relegation strugglers next season. Etc.

No my case for the defence is that all this hysteria is just that hysteria.

I accept the following:-

1. Brendan Rodgers must go.

2. Certain players must go.

3. The transfer committee in its current format needs re-organising.

4. Lack of leadership on and off the pitch.

However let me give the following statements:-

1. We scored only 52 goals.


2. Our strikers scored a combined 8 league goals.


3. We conceded almost as many goals this season as we did last.


4. Daniel Sturridge missed 90% of the season.


5. We had an unconfident goalkeeper for 6 months of the season - in the 2nd most important position on the pitch.


6. Out of the new signings none of them apart from Can and Lallana in parts made a real impression on the team.


7. We had to deal in the first six months with a tired and emotional wreck Steven Gerrard and from January in dealing with his impending departure.


So what does all of this information tell me?

Well it tells me the following information:-

With no goalscorers in the team (except Sturridge) and with 3 inept strikers - including Balotelli - who with his shots ratio inside the 18 yard area should have at least 9 league goals - we somehow managed to formulate a system allowing us to somehow get onto that 13 streak winning run which got the best out of the attacking midfielders which got us victories.

It also provides evidence that the defence is just as badly managed as it was 3 years ago, however in that 13 streak run whilst it got the best out of the attacking midfielders, it also got the best out of the defence. As this looked the most balanced it had been in 3 years with Can-Skrtel-Sakho and Lucas in front of them. However either side of that run it shows me that Brendan cannot formulate his strategies onto the team without the defence being as shaky as it is.

It also suggests to me that we never got over 13/14 and Gerrard in particular never got over that plus coupled with the world cup, those first six months of the season was tough. Then came his announcement of his departure and thus started our 13 run streak.

It also suggests that our transfer committee and Brendan got it majorly wrong in the market. Lovren  was a failure, Lambert a failure, Balotelli a failure, Moreno undecided, Lallana undecided but edging towards success and Can our most successful signing. We failed to sign goalscorers. Note goalscorers do not mean strikers. Although strikers should be getting 15 league goals for us.

So what does this all mean?

It means that for me a new manager is a must. I have various opinions on the different managers out there however that is for a different thread. But also FSG need to implement or re-organise the transfer committee. Be it by appointment a DoF or stream lining the TC.

It also means that above all else in the transfer market we need to sign goalscorers. At least 2 added to what we have. No Suarez and no Sturridge yet we only finished 8 points off of 4th place. Had Sturridge been injury free you can be as sure as anything it would have been 2 or 3 points, or hell us even in 4th. Goalscorers just add that extra dimension to a team.

So, NO! We won't be in any relegation Dog fights next season or be in mid-table. Because the evidence suggests otherwise. We finished 6th with all of those obstacles - yes most of them self-inflicted - but still with those obstacles we finished 6th and 8 points off of 4th. Am I suggesting this is good enough for this season or its a par season? NO I AM NOT.

Should Brendan pay with his job? YES.

But please this hysteria is just that. Hysteria.

Now if nothing were to change and Brendan was still in charge AND nothing changes with the TC then it is time to panic. If only one of those changes did occur, then whilst not ideal, we'd at least have further clarity on the position of what has the final say in what and would have that transparency and accountability that I have asked for time and again.

As it is coming up to Christmas I thought I'd start a thread to start an interesting topic of what would be your all time Liverpool XI since the Premier League began.

Here is my team and I will then say why I selected these players:-







I went for this team because of a couple of reasons:-

1) Balance. Both flanks have good balance and intelligence.

2) Goals. Every player bar Reina and Carra are capable of scoring goals be it from open play or set pieces. I personally think choice of goalkeeper is a no brainer. The reason I chose the full backs is because both are technically excellent, both are extremely intelligent players and both can score 5-7 goals per season. True in terms of longevity neither would make it on that score but in their best seasons (00/01 and 08/09 I don't think we've had better). Plus Babbel could play in central defence and Aurelio as an emergency DM. Rob Jones is the closest for me in terms of other full backs getting in my team but goal scoring ability goes against him.

My only difficult choice in central midfield was to choose between Didi and Mascherano. I think Mascherano is the better player, but I chose Hamann because I think his character on the team would be more beneficial and also because of Istanbul. Plus he scores more goals.

The selection of the attack is another personal decision. I mean we've had untold top quality forwards/wingers to select from. Fowler is the best finisher we've ever had and Suarez is the 2nd best player we've ever had in the premier league. So for me they are no brainers. I selected Macca because he can play in a multiple of positions in that forward line, he had lots of pace and dribbling quality and scores goals.

So who would make your all time premier league XI?!

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Luis Garcia retires
« on: January 14, 2014, 11:01:23 PM »
Has retired today.  :(

"And it is the moment ,not easy for anyone and inevitable for all us.

There have been many years enjoying what fascinates me , great times spent and the opportunity to see fulfilled the dream I had when I was just a kid .

Today I´ve decided to retire as a professional footballer, thanking the interest of the teams that talked to me in recent weeks, but I think it’s time to end this important chapter in my life and move to the next page.

Thank you, thank you very much to my parents for all those afternoons of heat and cold they spent just to see me happy when I was little. For those Munich boots you bought, working so hard, to let me continue kicking the ball. For all those summers with no vacation. For teaching me to sacrifice myself for what I loved most .

To all my family for always accompany me on this adventure with words of encouragement and support.

To Manolo, my friend and agent , for keeping my feet on the ground and believe in me from the beginning.

To all my teammates, for many concentrations , anecdotes and experiences shared .

To Rafa Benitez and Pako Ayestarán, for teaching me to show my best .

To Luis Aragones, for allowing me to live the dream of every football player, represent his country in a World Cup .

To all my coaches since academy, for guiding me and believe in my football .

To Badalona and S.Gabriel for making me as person , to FC. Barcelona for opening me the door , to Valladolid , Tenerife and Toledo for letting establish myself on first division, to Atletico Madrid for making me enjoy a Calderón Stadium on fire, to R.Santander and Panathinaikos for goods experiences , to Puebla and Pumas for the opportunity to live in a country of warm people and a passionate football, and to Liverpool FC for making me pass to the history of international football and be part fo the Red family, forever.

To each and every one of the people over 17 years of career that have been with me , have helped me and supported me at every stage I have lived and although not mentioned one by one, I will be forever grateful .

And last but not least, the fans, to all who have followed me over the years , always with good intentions , always encouraging and motivating me every game to be a better player every day.

Thank you all for being part of the history of my career and welcome to the next page."

Classy player and a classy man.

The fact that the "ghost goal" still pisses Mourinho off to this day will always make Luis a legend!  ;D

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Good luck...
« on: April 07, 2013, 12:22:10 PM »
With Martin now gone I wish you good luck in maintaining a forum with a mere 4 members who contribute on a regular basis.


Liverpool FC, football, sport / Liverpool FC Accounts
« on: March 04, 2013, 06:03:57 PM »
Liverpool FC accounts: Ian Ayre on LFC's commercial performance, its past and future and on-field performance

Read more: Liverpool Echo

Liverpool FC's commercial performance
“THE Warrior kit sponsorship deal was done during the period of these accounts and took effect from the start of the financial year 2012-13.
“But it is a significant growth, almost double, where we were previously. And then in addition there were improvements in other areas, improvement in our secondary sponsorship performance has been fantastic.
“We are reaching out and growing and will continue to grow and build up the business side as much as we can it’s about adding in.
“The secondary sponsorship in both cases come from international partners (Chevrolet and Indonesian flagship airline Garuda). More recently we’ve done some work in creating international, local language Twitter feeds and we are now I think the most followed football club in the world on
“Again that is about creating all those arms and legs that reach out to our fan base around the world.
“Sponsors play an important part in that; sponsors, in being a part of Liverpool, isn’t just about them writing a cheque.
“It is about them being out in the market talking about their association with Liverpool and providing the benefits that come with that. And likewise the other way around, with us providing that reach back through our fans and our reach."
Liverpool FC's future and its past
Said Ayre: “Although the revenues are improving, the investment continues as well.
“It’s not that we are just investing in players on the football side - we continue to invest in our infrastructure and in our people and in our business so that we grow revenues but we also prepare ourselves for success.
“Because if you have success, you need to have the infrastructure to support it. And I think there has never been a better time in my opinion for Liverpool Football Club - ever - to have success than now.
“We have such a great team and depth to the infrastructure and the people, so that everything is there to capitalise upon it.
“I think it is very true that fans, especially older fans, feel we were not in position to take advantage of the successes the club had in the 60s, 70s and 80s.
“I hear that a lot. And I think the numbers here indicate quite strongly that Liverpool, being in the top ten money league while being the only team not playing in European football in that top ten, tells you that the business of Liverpool is very strong; the appeal of Liverpool is very strong.
“And we are capitalising on that now, but capitalising upon it without real success.
“So the future looks bright if you get success and you have the ability to capitalise upon it.”
Asked though if Liverpool’s international appeal was finite and would be threatened unless the club soon returns to challenge for Premier League and Chanpions league glory, the Anfield managing director said: “It’s hard to tell if our continuing and growing appeal will start to dwindle if we do not have success as a team over the years ahead of us now.
“People support football clubs for lots of different reasons. You know I have had myself the pleasure of working at a football club (Huddersfield Town) where they have not had success for many, many years.“I don’t think we can take it for granted – of course we want and expect success. That’s what everybody wants. I don’t think we’d be putting all the effort and investment in if we didn’t think succeed.
“Success has different forms as well. Getting back onto that elite stage is absolutely what we all want and why we are all here.
“I think we are very fortunate, because we have such a fantastic and big and growing fans base here.
“They continue to believe and support and invest in their own way and nobody takes that for granted and nobody thinks we can go on and on and on without success.
“But I think I think we will absolutely achieve that. I feel we have created the right foundation.”
Liverpool FC on the pitch
Said Ayre: “Is there anything left to achieve football wise for the rest of the season? Absolutely.
“I think so and I think Liverpool fans think so.
“First of all we must aim to achieve a position in European football. That’s what we all want.
“And we want to see a continuance of the good performances we’ve seen in part through the season and more recently. I think generally our performances have been better.
“But knowing Brendan as I know Brendan - and the players that play for him - they will want to achieve everything that is possible. They will want the highest possible position in the league that they can achieve.
“That’s what I would expect and anybody running any business would expect; that the manager and the players will want to achieve they utmost they can achieve.
“That’s what our fans will expect as well. Every place in the Premier League brings additional financial reward and finishing high enough to achieve European football brings even more.
“So we have definitely got that to play for. And I expect to see 100 per cent commitment from everyone right until the last ball is kicked."
Added Ayre: I spoke to Brendan as I do after the Zenit game and like him I felt disappointed for the team and our fans. It was like the old cliché you couldn’t has asked for more.
“Well you could – you could have asked for one more goal.
“But if we can play football like that and we can get support like that in any match going forward then we’ll be ok.
“The supporters were incredible that night and if we can have that level of spirit, that level of commitment, that level of performance on the pitch and off the pitch then we will get to the right place.
“I really believe that.”

Is explaining the accounts.

Seems he can't handle the pressure from the club's supporters.

As the saying goes if you can't handle the pressure get out of the kitchen.....

And all of you lot want him back LOL Don't you people understand that the fanbase is completely split on Rafa thus the pressure he would experience would be akin to the pressure as Chelsea manager.

2 or 3 bad results and he'd be under immense scrutiny - not from management but from our fanbase.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / The youth team/players
« on: February 13, 2013, 01:33:48 PM »
A thread to discuss the youth team. Apologies if there is any similar thread out there.

I am going to the FA Youth Cup match tonight against Histon FC, as I live 5mins drive from Histon's ground.

Looking forward to see some of them in action especially McLaughlin and Ibe.

Carragher has announced his retirement from the end of the season.

A true LFC legend and a brilliant defender at his peak. I still do think that on the odd occasion that he can still do a job for us, like the Arsenal and Man City games proved.

So he will be sadly missed.

Thanks for the memories Carra. He epitomised what LFC stands for in Istanbul. He showed grit, determination and a never give up spirit during that game - highlighted by the fact with cramp on 2 feet he still carried on.

What we will miss and will certainly need addressing is a leader and a communicator at the back. We need to spend good money on a defender with those attributes in the summer now.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Hillsborough
« on: December 19, 2012, 01:44:08 PM »
The High Court has quashed the original inquest verdicts returned on 96 Liverpool football fans who died in the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.
The Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge ordered fresh inquests following an application by the Attorney General.
Trevor Hicks of the Hillsborough Family Support Group said it was "a huge step for the families".
The home secretary has also announced a new police inquiry into the disaster.
Theresa May said the new inquiry would re-examine what happened in April 1989.
New medical evidence was used as a basis for the new inquests application.
Dominic Grieve made his request to the High Court three months after a new report established 41 of those who died might have been saved.
Mr Grieve said the application was being made as a consequence of the Hillsborough Panel's report published on 12 September, which he said was a "remarkable" document.

Anne Williams: "I wanted the record put straight"

He said that Dr Bill Kirkup, the medical member of the panel and a former associate chief medical officer at the Department of Health, had explained that, of the deceased, 58 "definitely" or "probably" had the capacity to survive beyond the 15:15 cut-off time.
That new evidence, which Mr Grieve said formed the "essential basis" for his application "undermines the coroner's summing-up at the inquests".
In making his judgement, Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge said there had been "deliberate misinformation surrounding the disaster".
"There has been a profound and palpable belief that justice had not been done [and] it is clear there are sound grounds for this application," he said.
He added that the court wanted to "record our admiration and respect [to the families] for their determined search for the truth about the disaster and why and how it had occurred, which - despite disappointments and setbacks - has continued for nearly quarter of a century."
The judgement was applauded by the families of some of the victims in the court.
Speaking outside, Mr Hicks, who lost two daughters in the disaster, said the families "couldn't have written it better".
'Swift response' needed "It's clear now justice is on its way - I think a lot of us are going to have a much happier Christmas," he said.
Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said he would do "everything I can to help to get new inquests established quickly".
"I have received a request from the Doncaster and Bradford Coroners for a judge to be appointed to conduct these inquests and I am today asking the Lord Chief Justice to make a recommendation to me on suitable candidates as soon as possible," he said.
Mrs May said former Durham Chief Constable Jon Stoddart would lead the new inquiry, which will focus specifically on the 96 deaths of Liverpool fans as a result of what happened at the FA Cup semi-final in 1989.
The fans died after they were crushed within two pens at the Leppings Lane terrace of Sheffield Wednesday's stadium during the semi-final with Nottingham Forest on 15 April 1989.

Excellent news.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Say hello as we are on twitter...........
« on: December 04, 2012, 07:44:00 PM »
Look what I found!


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