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Lucas is normally a 7/10 man occasionally 8. Gerrard in central midfield is often 5/6 out of 10. As an AM he is often 8 or 9.

So what if Gerrard is a club legend. We are talking about performances in a specific role in our team this season and the partnership of Lucas and Meireles is better than anything Gerrard can provide from that position.

Lucas or Gerrard? ;D ;D Not even in the same league. Maybe fans are now moving around to Woys Fulhams mentality, Ship out class and ship in rubbish

Gerrard is an average central midfielder. He has no tactical discipline. Play him at the RM or AM position and he is world class.

Lucas offers more to us in the central midfield role than Gerrard that is for sure.

I think Newcy is a s*** team and Pardew is a pathetic looser. They have like 2 chances and score 3. It's been like that for much of the season and it's frustrating we can't capitalise on being the better team. But with a s*** defence like this what can you expect really? Skrtel's been so f***ing poor the last 4-5 games it's f***ing hard to believe. Lucas is so worthless I just hope he breaks a leg so that I don't have to watch him play. He's just so worthless. Torres can start scoring sitters before sulking like a spoilt child.

All in all a good perfomance in periods. Newcy were extremly fortunate to win this one. I can see them go down again.

Ngog LFCMOTM (never thought I'd say it)

Lucas has been quality this season as a central midfielder. True as a DM he is crap, but in that CM role I believe he has been really effective for us and has struck a really good partnership with Meireles. I would hate for Gerrard to break that up.

The defense does need work  we definitely do need another centre back and another left back.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Re: The Roy Hodgson Thread
« on: December 11, 2010, 08:04:13 PM »
Not good enough, never good enough, nor will he ever be good enough.

A total joke of a manager.

Good result indeed tho it has to be said te quality of the game was quite poor to be honest. We continue to be disorganised defensively, something a better team than Villa would've punished us for.

Skrtel was shockingly poor, or maybe just playing to his true leve. He continued to make unforced errors throughout the game.

Also though Kuijt had a poor game where his first touch let him down continously.

Lucas, on the other hand, actually had one of his better games in a red shirt. A reason for this may have been the awayteam's non-existant center midfield.

Ngog took his goal well and set Maxi up nicely for our 3rd. Other than that he' very often a very slow and inconsisten performer.

Babel probably need  few starts before he can be fairly judged. Took his goal very nicely tho. His decisionmaking isn't his strongest aspect of his game tho.

All in all this win could set us up nicely for a very good run that could see our season get back on track. Take a look at the upcoming 9 games.

Newcy (a)
Fulham (h)
Blackpool (a)
Wolves (h)
Bolton (h)
Blackburn (a)
Everton (h)
Wolves (a)
Stoke (h)

That's 27 points at stake. I'm gonna stick my neck out and claim at least 23 of them are possible if not likely. If we dmanag to go on such a patch we'll be in the run for 4th with a shout going into the last 3rd of the season. For instance, Spurs ain't that good on the road. During their upcoming 9 games they'll play away from WHL 5 times and 4 times at home of which 2 of those homegames are against Chelsea and ManU. City too have 5 awaygames in their upcoming 9 games altho a slightly easier schedule than spurs.

I for one haven't given up on 4th just yet (which I had by this time last year despite "guarantees" we'd ge it).

Well we were atrocious tonight!!!!

Anyway else notice we only had good penetrative attacking movements when we were losing?

The Rest / Re: Introduce yourself
« on: December 11, 2010, 08:01:10 PM »

Just come across this  board and noticed a Mr Martinmarx posts here, I am a long time debater with Mr Marx!!! good and bad ;) (though mostly good).

Though I do hope to contribute further to this forum and debate with other reds.

Anyway if you have any questions fire away!!

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