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Liverpool FC, football, sport / Potential Summer Transfers in and out
« on: June 27, 2011, 05:06:17 PM »
Spot on Tes with regards to Spanish lads. They will always see playing for Real and Barca as the ultimate. But if either were to sign we'd spend 20 million and in 3/4/5 years time hopefully we'd make a huge profit on them. But we're Liverpool so should we really be buying players that we know will want a move sooner or later

Liverpool FC, football, sport / An interesting article about Dalglish
« on: June 15, 2011, 11:32:20 PM »
apologies, meant to type 15, not 25.

p.iss off and hero-worship something else, or go worship in your local fundamentalist congregation....perhaps you can find some abortion clinic to focus your venom on.

leave the forum debate, to people who can actually THINK.

you are literally unable to discuss issues - like Gerrard's latest arrogant outburst. 

go off and find a church to worship in.....forums, and other vehicles, where people exchange ideas and opinions, are obviously not your thing.

I'll leave forum debates for you,  and you leave going to games to me


but despite my ambition and hopes, I always like to keep it real.  You say why doesn't kenny get the same recognition as mourinhio or fergie.  Well Kenny has not won anything of note in some 25 years.

So winning the league Premier League title with Blackburn doesnt count?

The world can be a depressing enough place without reading some of your comments.

Cheer up a bit. Focus on a few positives rather than negatives. We're hopefully about to see a new prosperous era for the club.  Look forward not back

Good point on the knighthhod Juan. Not only should he be recognised for his services for sport, he should also be recognised for everything he did for the families of the 96 after Hillsborough. Great great man.

If anyones interested Hendersons starting for the u21's and its about to kickoff

Agreed Juan, Downings not worth 20mill. He has had a couple of serious injuries aswell. I would be interested if we could get him for 14/15 million. I've got a couple of mates who are Villa fans and they rate Downing better than Young.

On Maxi, he had a great couple of games at the end of the season but he's on a big wage and for most of his LFC career went missing and didnt produce the goods. So him returning home is for the best all round

Hard to take that website seriously. Normally stories are on there to get reactions.

Until i've got a good reason to doubt Kenny and you could also say the owners, then whats the point in saying 'what if....?'

Henderson was rubbish for the under 21's the other night but until i see him have a good number of games under his belt at Anfield, i'll reserve judgement

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Potential Summer Transfers in and out
« on: June 14, 2011, 09:50:59 PM »

Let's hope this new poster, that signed up today, is the next Dude Abides.  That's what good football forums do - they replace their best posters.  Anfield Road needs a new Dude Abides

Completely agree with that

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Potential Summer Transfers in and out
« on: June 14, 2011, 08:01:53 PM »
I wonder what Robert Paisley would have made of Captain Marvel.

I recall him subbing Craig Johnston, because the lad was disrupting our team play (by running all over the show).

I don't understand attacking one of our players. Especially the captain and when all fans are optimistic, excited and looking forward

If there's one man in the world who'll get the best out of Stevie its the King. Stevie idolises him and i can see him running through a few brick walls for him next year

Meireles will be here next season. I wouldnt be too worried about that. We no longer have to sell to buy. He's still got a lot to offer us and Kennys not going to get rid of a player that will probably be even better next season. Cole and Maxi will go before Raul does

P.S Great to see Kenny making the mancs pay 4 million quid more for Jones. I would have liked to have signed him but Kenny must have riled up whiskey nose with the antics over the weekend. Just Brilliant :P :P :P. Makes me smile everytime i think about it.

And watched Mata last night in the u21's game. I actually think i'd prefer Downing. More direct and a better crosser for Carrol, although Mata is a veryskillful player

I refuse to get dragged in to another Gerrard argument. My feelings on the man thats made us overachieve with a squad that has lacked quality over the years, is well known.  :o :o :o

I'm convinced Henderson will play on the right for a few seasons then more centrally as he developes. For the England u21's last night he was pretty poor in the middle. Most of his best bits for sunderland came when he was down the right creating and crossing. I honestly think he was bought because Kenny knew we were going to miss out on Young.

Aquilani will be sold whether its 10 million or 5 million. Poulson will be gone and kenny can even have my number to  do the taxi service myself for him to the airport.

So that leaves Meireles, Gerrard, Lucas, Spearing, Shelvey, and possibly Adam.

All the signs are that we'll continue with 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 , however you look at it.

Shelvey will continue his developement from the bench.

So the 3 central roles will be between Meireles, Gerrard, Lucas, Spearing and Adam. But theres the option of sticking Meireles or Gerrard on the right or left aswell if we get injuies.

We've lacked depth and security in the middle for a couple of seasons now. I think next season it'll be a lot better

13M plus Ngog by the sounds of it. canny business for kenny if its true

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