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Liverpool FC, football, sport / Champions League 2014/15
« on: July 21, 2014, 01:12:58 PM »
What a great group to be part of:

AC Milan
Man City

No awkward travelling, no unstable parts of the world (as long as you overlook Moss Side  ;D), and we know we will be in for 6 tough games, so no chance of complacency.

The inexperienced squad players and the management will learn much more about European football (and top domestic teams) this way than if we had have been in an 'easier' group.
Also, apart from Fowler's daft comments, no-one is going to place ridiculous expectations on us. Make no mistake, getting out of this group would be a huge achievement, even making sure we still have European football, allbeit via the UEFA Cup, at the end of those 6 games shouldn't be looked upon as a failure.

There's always something special about Liverpool V AC Milan.

I've always loved the idea of having a pre-season tournament like the Emirates Cup at Arsenal, with Milan, Juventus and Borussia Mönchengladbach as the teams involved for obvious reasons.
Likewise, I've always wanted a pre-season game against Juve anyway, with the proceeds going to the families of the 39.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Deserving of it's own thread, surely?
« on: July 19, 2014, 02:26:45 PM »
Cristiano Ronaldo's Mother Reveals She Tried to Abort Her Son in New Book

HA!!!! Classic!!!  You can see where he got his looks from and he'll end up looking like a washed up Grannyboy when he's older. Thanks for the laugh Mrs Ronaldo, and for all the sh!t your sprog will get this season.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Additional stiker - but who?
« on: July 18, 2014, 06:53:50 PM »
What's the way forward (no pun intended) and who do you see as helping to provide the goals we've obviously lost with Suarez's departure.

I've set the number of votes each to 2, because it's quite possible there is more than one option on this one - for example, we need to sell Borini but bring in two more strikers/forwards/goalscoring midfielder/winger/wide attacker etc.

Off course it should say 'striker' in the title.   ???

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Our midfield
« on: July 15, 2014, 11:10:53 AM »
Looking at the players that could possibly be defined as 'midfielders' within the setup and functions within the system(s) the manager has us playing, they are (in my opinion):

Gerrard 13 (goals) 15 (assists)
Lucas  0  0
Can  3  3
Henderson  4  7
Allen  1  1

Those who played on the left and right 'points' of the stretched diamond tended to be regarded as forwards, certainly attackers, and that was pretty much their function and role, though sometimes Henderson and Allen played there.

The one glaring problem seems to be a lack of goals and assists (possibly chances created) from all but Gerrard, and you can't see him playing as many games this season.

So do we need additions to the numbers, upgrades or what?  Certainly I'd say we need to add a few goals, but do we need to add energy and drive, or a better defensive capability?

If you think, for example Lucas needs replacing/upgrading, what are the qualities of the type of player you would want him replaced with, and what would be their role.

Do we need to change formation(s) and/or systems and would that mean an increase in midfielders or maybe a alteration in role.

As always, I'm looking forward to everyone's opinions.  :-*

Liverpool FC, football, sport / New kits for 2014/15
« on: July 07, 2014, 04:51:17 PM »



And finally, the real reason Luis Suarez is leaving:

The first two are fine, though the red wriggly line on the away shirt would have been better as just a highlight to the collar like the white on the home shirt.

As for the third kit, why, just why? Whilst not quite as bad as last season's third shirt it is still plain awful. What's with the ridiculous red and black 'Denis the Menace' sash? Why can't we just stick to white/red or yellow/red shirts for the 'away' and black for the 'third'. I wouldn't mind the dark grey (if that's what it is) with red trim, but not a polo t-shirt collar.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Season 2014/15
« on: June 18, 2014, 10:01:03 AM »
Yes, it's that time again when the fixtures are released:


16 - Southampton (H)
23 - Manchester City (A)
30 - Tottenham Hotspur (A)


13 - Aston Villa (H)
20 - West Ham United (A)
24 - Capital One Cup third round
27 - Everton (H)


4 - West Bromwich Albion (H)
18 - Queens Park Rangers (A)
25 - Hull City (H)
29 - Capital One Cup fourth round


1 - Newcastle United (A)
8 - Chelsea (H)
22 - Crystal Palace (A)
29 - Stoke City (H)


2 - Leicester City (A)
6 - Sunderland (H)
13 - Manchester United (A)
17 - Capital One Cup fifth round
20 - Arsenal (H)
26 - Burnley (A)
28 - Swansea City (H)


1 - Leicester City (H)
3 - FA Cup third round
10 - Sunderland (A)
17 - Aston Villa (A)
21 - Capital One Cup semi-final, first leg
24 - FA Cup fourth round
28 - Capital One Cup semi-final, second leg
31 - West Ham United (H)


7 - Everton (A)
10 - Tottenham Hotspur (H)
14 - FA Cup fifth round
21 - Southampton (A)
28 - Manchester City (H)


1 - Capital One Cup final
3 - Burnley (H)
7 - FA Cup quarter-finals
14 - Swansea City (A)
21 - Manchester United (H)


4 - Arsenal (A)
11 - Newcastle United (H)
18 - Hull City (A)
18 - FA Cup semi-finals
25 - West Bromwich Albion (A)


2 - Queens Park Rangers (H)
9 - Chelsea (A)
16 - Crystal Palace (H)
24 - Stoke City (A)
30 - FA Cup final

Somebody wants to make sure we're playing catch up from the off. If we get through August undefeated then that will be a very solid start. Afterall, we only came out with 3 points from those same three games last season, so improving on that total and remaining undefeated surely has to be the realistic aim.

A win against Southampton, and avoid defeat at Spurs (where we don't have the greatest record, apart from last season) and City.

As the list I posted a few days back shows, we're pretty thin once we get outside of a core of 14/15 players, and Edward made a point about possibly keeping Borini, and from that list we'll maybe lose one or two also - Johnson, Agger and Lucas, one way or the other have question marks over them.

So who are the core players, and what do we need to add, and in what positions?

Obviously we're going to have to pad out the squad with one or two younger players, the likes of Alberto, Suso (if he stays), Ilori and Teixeira.

Flano I think has earned himself a place in the core squad.

Then there's the more more obvious departures like Coates, and the question marks over the likes of Wisdom, Kelly and Robinson, even Coady I guess gets into that group.

So just as a starting point here's the list I posted previously which was put together based on PL starts - start ripping it to shreds:

1. Mignolet 
2. Johnson 
3. Flanagan 
4. Skrtel 
5. Toure 
6. Sakho 
7. Agger 
8. Gerrard 
9. Henderson 
10. Lucas 
11. Allen 
12. Coutinho 
13. Sterling 
14. Suarez 
15 Sturridge 

16. Enrique 
17. Cissokho 
18. Moses 
19. Aspas 

20. Jones   

Edward also posted a list in the transfer thread back in March, so I'm including that (new additions in bold):

GK:- Mignolet, Jones

RB:- Johnson, Flanagan, Wisdom, Kelly

LB:- Rodriguez, Enrique, Smith

CB:- Sakho, Skrtel, Caulker, Toure, Ilori

DM:- Gerrard, Lucas

CM:- Allen, Henderson, Rakitic, Rossiter, Lussey

AM:- Coutinho, Suso, Teixeira,

FD:- Suarez, Sturridge, Konoplyanka, Remy, Sterling, Luis Alberto

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Summer Transfer Window 2014
« on: March 28, 2014, 10:18:29 PM »
So which positions need strengthening and who can be deemed surplus to requirements?

It's a bit  harder to know who to look at for each targeted position as we don't always know the availability of players who would fit the bill or who else may be interested it make it more difficult for us to 'seal the deal'.

I think left back has to be the number one priority. Enrique seems permanently broken and Cissoko has been this season's biggest disappointment - back to Valencia you go. Likewise with Moses, Chelsea can have him back.

Assaidi will probably stay at Stoke, and Aspas can stow away in Cissoko's luggage and get himself back to Spain.

Johnson needs to be offered a small extension so we're not trying to blood two new full backs at the same time.

So what to do with Skrtel and Agger? Monaco are said to be interested in Sakho - would you let him go if we made a decent profit.

We certainly need something more in midfield? But what exactly? And who needs upgrading?

It's amazing that with all the potential room need for improvement that we are where we are, so maybe the first signing should be the manager on a two year extension. He's shown the biggest improvement of anyone this season, and whilst I'm still not convinced with his transfer dealings (though I'm not convinced our scouting setup is giving him the best chances of success), and at the risk of being accused of negativity, we are still too open defensively, his man management appears to be superb and he seems to be able to get players to develop an improve, and he certainly has them fully behind him - all good qualities to have in your manager.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / January Transfer Window 2014
« on: September 11, 2013, 03:32:15 PM »
Liverpool, Everton and Arsenal could swoop for Keisuke Honda

The 27-year-old's contract expires during the winter transfer window and Honda has no intentions of signing a new one with the Red-blues.

Honda has been courted by some of Europe's biggest teams, with AC Milan thought to have got closest to snapping up the attacking midfielder during the summer.

But a deal failed to materialise and the Japanese international has now hinted he could go elsewhere.

He said: "I have many choices, but I want to compare as much as possible.

"I don't think there's a chance I will stay in Russia.

"I just need to focus on the Russian league and the Champions League, so I don't want to talk about this right now."

We can neither afford to let Everton or Arsenal strengthen by getting him, or fail to strengthen ourselves by not getting him.
This is exactly the sort of quality player we need to bring in and we should be busy sorting out a pre-contract agreement with him now.
If Suarez does go in January (not exactly unthinkable), then Honda should be part of replacing him.
And as I've said before, he'd more than pay for himself through merchandising in the Far East.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Anfield Redevelopment
« on: September 11, 2013, 12:24:11 AM »
It looks like there's some movement:

Two interesting parts from the Telegraph article:

Agreements in principle have been reached with the majority of those house­holders, but it is understood a remaining three landlords are still in talks.

Three landlords, but how many properties between them?

The reason FSG has delayed submission of plans or the release of designs is a determination to work in co-ordination with the neighbourhood, and also because it would be pointless unless there was a political and community consensus in support of those plans.

The part in bold is nice to hear. Releasing designs before agreement has been reached over every single house would be wrong, and it would look as though FSG, and most importantly, the club, was taking it for granted that the houses could be purchased. No matter how much we want the redevelopment, we must remember these are people's homes we're talking about, and they are going to be sacrificing their homes so a private company can expand and make more money.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Prattini in talking tescticles shocker
« on: August 30, 2013, 07:24:30 PM »
Platini repeats 2022 Winter World Cup call with sideswipe at EPL

"Platini said he was unimpressed by those arguments. "For 150 years, England has imposed its calendar and we've respected it.

"So for once, for one month, England could respect another calendar," he added.

So the fact that leagues all over Europe kick off at different times in August, some have mid-Winter breaks of differing lengths, some don't, but it's all the fault of the English calender. Makes perfect sense.

Reading across a few forums this Summer it's been obvious how hard it is to actually assess transfer dealings, especially where a 'loss' is concerned.

For example Downing, signed for £16M-£20M, depending on where the information comes from, would appear to be a loss of £10M-£14M. However, I think we have to consider a player's age and length of contract and assess what would be a sensible price to expect if the player were to be sold during his contract.
Obviously there are other things, like the Bosman ruling that twists 'valuations' - a player whose contract is ending in six months is worth proportionally less than he should be compared to a player with two years on their contract, so being unable to sell a player who's contract has finished distorts the value. Obviously any player, even one who's contract has just finished at midnight last night, actually has a value above £0.

A player of 26-27 years old will be worth less at the end of a four year deal, than a player of 21-22. So again using Downing, it is unreasonable to use the £20M figure and then take away the sale figure to come up with a loss of £20M - £XM = £YM.
Conversely, Carroll bought at 21-22 should be worth more if sold at 24-26, than the original purchase price as he is a 21-22 year old.

So for me, the fairer way of looking at losses/valuations of players 26-27 and over is to look at the purchase fee and divide it by the length of the contract, to find the sum that the players valuation can sensibly be set. Even if Downing was worth the £20M, no matter if he'd been a success, it would be unreasonable to expect to get his original purchase price at any time after the first year as he is in an age group where players' valuations, except in exceptional circumstances, will invariably go down.

So taking Downing (thankfully West Ham have  ;D). Transfer fee £18M (midway between the two earlier quoted valuations) divided by 4 (4 year contract) would see his value decrease by £4.5M every year. So therefore this Summer, based on his purchase price of £18M, his valuation would be £9M.
Of course this depends on any purchase price being a reasonably accurate level within the market of similar players.

So rather than say we've made a £10m-£14M loss on Downing it would be more reasonable to assess his valuation (though based on our purchase price) at £8M-£10M, therefore it sees us making a more realistic loss of between £2M-£4M.
Coincidently, the way players are valued in the accounts are a similar way. A player's valuation at purchase (year 0) is the purchase price, but then year by year their 'value' is reduced or amortised by the purchase price being reduced by dividing the purchase price by the contract length over the length of the contract.
So a player bought for £20M on a five year contract is worth £16M at the end of year 1, £12M at the end of year two etc.
At least that way deals like Downing don't see us making a £14M loss in the accounts.

What's more clear is the size of the Carroll loss. You would expect a 21 y.o, sold after 2.5 years to maintain, if not increase his valuation. So an £20M loss, more than half, halfway through his 5 year deal just shows how badly wrong Comolli/Dalglish got the original valuation.
Evening using the amortisation method (£35M over a 5 year contract), his 'book' value would be £17.5M, so we'll still show a loss of £2.5M on him.

Looking at the amortisation method you can see why we have let them go at the valuations we have. Even then, we've still made a £6.5M (using Downing's £20M valuation) loss on these two players, however, what can't be 'amortised' away is that we still spent huge chunks of our budget on these players by overpaying for them, and if nothing else, by overpaying, we used money on them that could have brought in other players in addition.   

Liverpool FC, football, sport / We're for again, apparently.
« on: July 27, 2013, 01:14:46 AM »
Henry wants to SELL Liverpool for £350m... just three years after taking over at Anfield

Just three years since being bought by American billionaire John Henry and the Fenway Sports Group, Liverpool are being put up for sale again.

The club is available at £350million with FSG said to be disillusioned with ownership, as the club have not progressed in three years despite huge investment.

According to a report, Liverpool are 'unofficially' on the market with three parties, one Saudi oil company and two American billionaires, interested in a purchase.

After spending £300m themselves to take over control of the club, FSG have spent a further £187m on players but are got no closer to getting back to the top of the Premier League.

That lack of success, and a huge outlay, have left investors ready to pull the plug.

'They went into this to make money but the club hasn't got into Europe, flopped in the league and spent well over £100m on transfers,' a City source told the newspaper.

'The fact Luis Suarez is for sale is no coincidence. Selling a star player is a classic sign of wanting to get out.'

According to sources, Liverpool approached Saudi Aramco to discuss sponsorship some months ago. The oil giants are said to have proposed a takeover instead, an offer that Henry and Fenway are considering.

Investors are said to be furious at the money wasted under Kenny Dalglish, which includes £35m on Andy Carroll, who has since been sold to West Ham for a huge loss.

Despite Suarez's value doubling in his time with the club, he has caused other problems, notably with Patrice Evra and Branislav Ivanovic.

The sources said two other US billionaires are interested in the club, but would not reveal further details.

If this is true then please, no more Americans.

They have no love of 'soccer', don't understand it and seem to have little understanding of how financially different football is from their own sports, with no drafts and relegation/promotion and a continent-wide competition also.

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