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Liverpool FC, football, sport / Man Utd 1 - Man City 6
« on: October 23, 2011, 03:51:19 PM »
An amazing score from Old Toilet!  ;D For all the criticism levelled at Liverpool FC over the last few years our first team has never suffered a humiliation like that. The closest I can think is the result against Arsenal in the FA Cup several years ago.

But for the champions of England to be defeated so heavily at home after their start to the season is something I can't remember happening before.

A truly seismic event. Listening to the phone-in later today should be interesting. So for all their wonderful players they still played absolutely awful and towards the end lost their discipline and composure. It just goes to show that even if you have excellent players it can still go t*ts up in a big way!!

So the gap between us and Utd reduces to 5. Hmmm, and there was me thinking we had a crisis!  ;D

Liverpool FC, football, sport / The Hillsborough debate in UK Parliament
« on: October 17, 2011, 11:11:33 PM »
For those of you who live outside the UK you may not be aware that a 3 hour debate took place in the House of Commons this evening on the subject of the release of all papers relating to the events of 15 April 1989.

The Government has agreed to release ALL papers unredacted (nothing hidden) to the Hillsborough Family Panel and they will decide what details will be redacted. In all likelihood this will only involve personal details of the victims that would cause further distress if they were made public. The Government has promised they will not redact any papers.

This is a highly significant evening. I watched a fair amount of the debate on the BBC Parliament channel. The opening speech by Steve Rotheram drew applause from the floor which is virtually unprecendented. It was an outstanding speech that will long be remembered. He concluded by reading out the names of all 96 victims.

You can hear it in full on the Liverpool FC website. If you haven't heard it please find time to listen.

The Sun and especially Kelvin McKenzie came in for particularly strong criticism and it will be interesting to see how that newspaper responds. I wouldn't expect McKenzie to respond.

I hope this will bring the families some comfort and over the weeks and months to come they can learn the truth about what happened to their loved ones on that terrible day.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Pepe Reina autobiography out 10 October
« on: October 09, 2011, 11:36:26 PM »
Pepe Reina's autobiography is out tomorrow and sounds an interesting read. Ghosted by Tony Barrett. Anyone going to buy it?


Have a read through this excellent article. http://swissramble.blogspot.com/2011/05/liverpools-future-strategy.html?utm_source=BP_recent

It was praised by no less a man than John Henry himself on Twitter. How our fortune has been transformed in the last 9 months with new owners and Kenny Dalglish back.

The Rest / Jim! Where are you?
« on: June 22, 2011, 11:34:24 PM »

Title say's it all. We hardly see any posts from you here but you seem to Tweet constantly. Why not join in on some of the discussions? We're a pretty sensible bunch and would appreciate chatting with you.

The time shown on your forum is 2 hours out and has been for months. I have searched for a way to display the correct time but can't see how. Can you sort the time out please?

Thanks.  :)

The title says it all. The book is published tomorrow. Here is an extract from the Daily Mirror website. How those players managed to keep their sanity with the madness of H&G going on is testament to their love of the club. Looks like a really good read.

Brian Reade’s new book An Epic Swindle: 44 Months With A Pair Of Cowboys is the riveting inside story of how Liverpool FC was dragged to its knees during the ­shambolic reign of US owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett. Here is an extract:

Tom Hicks’ favourite camera crew was summoned to his Dallas mansion for the most repulsive PR stunt ever pulled by anyone connected with Liverpool FC.

As he sat in his cosy armchair, his wounded expression as fake as the gas-flamed fire burning behind him, back at his Formby home Steven Gerrard stared at his TV in disgust.

A year into the Americans’ reign, civil war was raging at Anfield, with fans, manager and board members at each others’ throats. And now the absentee Texan owner was calling for chief executive Rick Parry’s head on worldwide TV.

That Sky interview was the final straw for the Liverpool captain. He never wanted to look at Hicks or Gillett again.

Gerrard says: “I was thinking, ‘When is this going to end? One year? Two years?’ You could see it was just going to get messier and the people really suffering were the team and the supporters.”

In their first meeting, the Americans promised Gerrard they would restore the club to the pinnacle of European football while respecting its history.

“But that wasn’t the case, especially when they were dragging the club through the courts,” he says. “That was a disgrace. I can’t find the words to describe them. Let’s just say they had some balls. I didn’t think they’d drag the club to those lengths for some money. It just showed how greedy they were.”

At his home a few miles down the Merseyside coast, Jamie Carragher watched that same TV interview in April 2008 in despair. He recalls: “That’s when I thought it had got past a joke. To fly a TV crew over to your house, dress your kids in Liverpool tops, and start dishing the dirt on worldwide telly I just thought, ‘Oh my God, what’s going on?’ It was unforgivable.”

Like Gerrard, Carragher became emotionally exhausted with the Anfield anarchy.

“It was like your mum and dad scrapping. You don’t care what they’re fighting about, you just want to scream at them to shut up,” he says.

“The manager and owners might not have liked each other but they should have concentrated on letting us play football. I got sick of the rowing – it just wouldn’t stop. Everyone was playing politics with no regard for the damage they were doing to the club. I wanted to shout, ‘Can we forget about this and just play football?’”

The two local legends were also conscious that, in the final 18 months the Americans were there, the team suffered from an acute lack of investment. “We were so close,” says Gerrard. “Two European finals, finishing second – we were two or three decent signings away from competing with anyone. That was the frustration.”

Gerrard won’t say it because it would seem like an excuse, but friends say there were times when he felt that the Americans cost him the one thing he’s craved all his professional life – the Premier League. Carragher feels the same. “I want to win medals and if the owners had put their money in like they promised then I might have won more than I did. You look at other players who are winning titles and you want to be better than them. So when the transfer money dries up like it did with those two, it gets you angry.

“I’d never say they definitely cost me a League title medal as it was down to us players, but if we hadn’t had crippling interest payments like we had we could have been spending an extra £15-£20million in the last few transfer windows, which could have made the difference.

“I’d loved to have played in a new Anfield, too, but I won’t. If they’d put that spade in within 60 days as they promised, I’d be playing in it now.”

Spanish goalkeeper Pepe Reina told the pair he was amazed they didn’t go public and demand answers. Both admit the dilemma tortured them at the time and still plays on their consciences today. “I totally understand why some of the fans were frustrated we didn’t speak out,” says Gerrard. “When I’m down with England I hear stories about what big players have said at their clubs, but when me and Jamie speak we’re worried people might say, ‘Does he think he’s bigger than Liverpool?’ So it was a horrible situation as I wanted to come out and use my status to help but I was terrified of it backfiring.

“Should I say something? Would it make a difference? Who are we to criticise our bosses? They were the questions I kept asking myself and at times they were on the tip of my tongue. But if I’d wanted to speak to the owners I couldn’t, they were never there. It was a mess.”

Carragher agrees: “Maybe me and Stevie should have come out when we had the power and said something, but we’re from here. We love the club and never like saying anything negative about it. It’s what we believe in. So whatever is thrown at you, you feel you have to take it.

“It’s like if someone in your family does something wrong you’ll still stand behind them even if you want to slag them off.”

The pair’s major worry was how the fans were suffering. Gerrard says: “The lowest point was when the Kop were holding sit-ins to protest. I was thinking, ‘Let’s get them out, enough is enough, the sooner these are out the better.’”

It got to Carragher so much he stopped reading newspapers. “I switched off. I wasn’t reading about football, it was backbiting and bitching and plots and people slagging each other off.

“The game wasn’t played on the pitch but off it. Political games. It became a bad soap opera. I wasn’t just thinking about my game. I was thinking, ‘Whose side should I be on?’ I wished I could do my training and think about nothing else, but it became impossible. I was taking it all home with me.

“In the end I was so pleased the Americans walked away with nothing as they had their chances to sell the club and make their profit but chose not to. They didn’t care about Liverpool – they just cared about themselves.”

* An Epic Swindle: 44 Months With A Pair Of Cowboys, by Brian Reade, Quercus Publishing, £12.99.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Predict scores for the rest of the season
« on: February 22, 2011, 11:37:58 PM »
I've entered my predictions on the BBC Premier League Predictor for the games involving ourselves, Manure, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and Man City.

Once the updated league table scrolled off the screen I didn't revisit it until I had finished.

According to my predictions we will finish 4th ahead of Spurs and Chelsea who finish 5th and 6th.

Manure (80pts) win the title by 10 pts from Arsenal with Man City in 3rd on 68pts. Same as us and Spurs. We have a GD of 14 over Spurs 13. I didn't cheat to make these up.

Here's how I predicted our remaining games:-

West Ham (A) 1-2 W
Manure (H) 1-0 W
Sunderland (A) 1-2 W
WBA (A) 0-1 W
Man City (H) 1-0 W
Arsenal (A) 1-1 D
Birmingham (H) 2-0 W
Newcastle (H) 2-0 W
Fulham (A) 1-2 W
Spurs (H) 2-1 W
Aston Villa (A) 1-1 D

Now I realise that expecting us to win 9 of our 11 games and not lose any is a tall order but with Suarez looking good and Carroll back in a week or so it's possible. Hopefully no injuries and some luck will be enough.

And after tonight's result at Blackpool who would be a football pundit!!  :D

Feel free to join in!

Liverpool FC, football, sport / New CEO imminent?
« on: January 11, 2011, 09:46:21 PM »
There a topic on the LFC Forum sourced from a Norwegian LFC site that reports John Henry and Tom Werner are coming to Anfield this week for 'big things' to be announced. Although this may sound a bit speculative the source is close to the club and there seems to be a belief something will be announced.

My guess is the announcement of the new CEO. That's probably not a surprise to many of you but what is interesting is the use of plural in 'things'.

My guess is that there may be an announcement about the stadium or failing that, some new signings. They'll also be taking in the game on Sunday and possibly tomorrow night's game at Blackpool.

Interesting times!  :)

Part of me is hugely relieved Roy has left. It was always a promotion too far but he is a decent man and I wish him well.

I'm sure the players will get a big lift not so much from Kenny's return (many won't even know of his exploits) but from Roy's departure. A change of playing style will be difficult if not impossible to change in one game but in the weeks to come it will be fascinating to see how our style of football changes.

Things will move at lightning pace in the next 24 hours now that the legend has returned to Anfield. His first task is to select the team for tomorrow's game.

Here's the team I hope he picks...

Kelly Agger Skrtel Aurelio
        Lucas Meireles
Johnson Gerrard Babel

Hopefully reality won't be too different.  :D

Rory Smith in tomorrow's Telegraph has an exclusive report which suggests Roy Hodgson could be removed very soon with Kenny Dalglish installed as a temporary manager until June.

Read the full article here.

BBC and the newspapers are reporting tonight that Tevez has handed in a transfeer request and wishes to leave in January. His issues are with the manager and so far there's no indication he wants to return to Argentina.

Should we consider making an offer? Players of this quality don't come around very often. Full story here.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Miss of the century - you decide!
« on: November 21, 2010, 05:48:21 PM »
Miss of the Century! Which one gets your vote?

This one


this one.

Some decisions are so difficult  :D

The club now enters an exciting new period in its long history. What do you think should be the owners top priority?

I'll start things off by voting for a new top notch striker. But it's a close thing with a new manager. Stadium plans are important but can wait a few months as it will take time for a full analysis to be completed.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Meireles deal almost done
« on: August 28, 2010, 09:35:17 AM »
Both The Guardian and Daily Telegraph are reporting Raul Meireles is close to signing for LFC. If Barcelona hadn't got Masch they would have gone for this guy so it seems he's quality.

Hopefully he'll do well for us and Masch will soon be a distant memory.

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Biggest defeat to Man City for 70 years!
« on: August 23, 2010, 10:45:13 PM »
That did not make for good viewing!  :( The loss of Masch was obvious and 2 up front away from home against a City side packed with talent didn't make sense. You do that against weaker sides.

I know it's early days for Roy so I'm not going to bash him but I do wish he'd changed things at helf-time because Jovanovic looked poor most of the evening. Also Agger cannot play left-back so we need someone there fairly rapid.

Hart is an exceptional keeper and if the Torres effort had gone it making it 2-1 who knows what might have happened. It was clear frustration had set in long before the end.

We also missed Cole's creativity. Hopefully with two less strong games coming up we can regain some confidence which must have taken a knock tonight.

Looking at it with my half-empty goggles we're 3 off the bottom but with my half-full ones we're 3 points off the top four. There's time to recover but a positive performance is essential in our next Europa and league games.

Now I just have the tricky bit of facing City fans at work tomorrow.  :-[

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