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This was posted on the LFC website earlier today

Chief Executive Rick Parry and manager Rafael Benitez have vowed to 'move forward together' after holding clear the air talks at Anfield. It had been suggested the working relationship between the two had become strained over Liverpool's activity in the transfer market.
But with the talks being described as 'positive', Parry and Benitez are continuing to work on strengthening the squad before the window closes at the end of the month.
Benitez said: "Clear the air talks have taken place. It was a positive discussion and we will now move forward together.
Parry added: "I can confirm that we had a friendly and positive meeting and we're moving forward." 

Obviously political-speak. What does it mean in plain English? Sounds like a feeble attempt to patch up obvious differences over Barry. I just hope that Rafa manages to get his 2nd preference - Albert Riera. Is this guy any good and would he be a better choice than GB?

Liverpool FC, football, sport / Deadline for stadium money nearing
« on: August 20, 2008, 06:51:07 PM »
I believe the deadline for H&G getting enough money for the new stadium build is quite close. Jim's website has no news about this. Does anyone know what the latest situation is?

I imagine in these difficult financial times H&G will struggle to find the funds. If that's the case then where does that leave the club? We've had so many false dawns with this stadium and further delays will being shame to this great club.

If H&G don't raise the money by a certain date what happens then? Do they get an extension or do they have to apply for planning permission again?

God, what a mess!  >:(

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